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ICEAA is proud to feature our new free Technology Showcase Webinar Series, designed to bring the latest in cost estimating and cost analysis technology straight to your office. These webinars will allow you to interact directly with the companies innovating the products, methods, and theories at the forefront of the profession.


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Previous Webinars:

The ACEIT Team Presents:

Challenges with Using Spreadsheets for Cost Analysis:
Why ACE is a Superior Option

The ACEIT team receives frequent inquiries on how ACE compares to Spreadsheet tools. Although general-purpose spreadsheets offer complete freedom the open architecture creates bigger challenges:

  • Takes longer to set up estimates because the analyst needs to create the estimate structure, mechanics and methods
  • Errors in estimating techniques can easily go undetected
  • Limited standardization presents difficulties in transferring estimates/models to other analysts for review, revision and follow-on effort
  • Issues emerge when linking files for estimate, documentation and reporting

ACE is designed to support cost estimating and analysis. Specifically the ACE approach:

    • Brings structure and consistency to the cost analysis process
    • Allows analysts to focus on estimate methodology rather than spreadsheet mechanics
    • Incorporates approved processes to perform repetitive functions
      • Tasks include: WBS building and summing, inflation, learning curves, time phasing, cost adjustments (fee, G&A, OH), uncertainty analysis, documentation, and reports
      • This eliminates many sources of potential errors found in spreadsheets
    • Promotes efficiency; systematic cost estimating approach and standardized methodology/auditing/documentation/reporting

    The easiest way to understand the key differences between spreadsheets and ACE is to visualize an example estimate in both environments. Our team has built the same detailed WBS example in both tools to allow side by side tool implementation comparison. This presentation is broken into sections to compare different aspects of the key characteristics of cost estimates in both tools.

    • Section 1: Basic Estimate Structure
    • Section 2: Basic Estimate Calculations
    • Section 3: Complex Estimating Problems
    • Section 4: Adding WBS Elements to the Estimate
    • Section 5: What if Drills

    Through the course of this presentation you will see many detailed differences between the tools that when accumulated ACE presents as the superior estimating option.

    Presenter: Melissa Cyrulik has over 20 years’ experience working at Tecolote Research with ACEIT. Melissa served as the lead ACEIT trainer for over ten years and currently supports both ACEIT and JIAT. She has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University and is an ICEAA best paper award recipient.

      PRICE Systems, LLC Presents:

    The Top 5 Uses of TruePlanning

    PrintPRICE® Systems, a world leader in cost estimation and analysis solutions, enables our clients to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of cost estimation in support of many key processes listed below. In this webinar, you will learn the top five uses of TruePlanning, the most powerful, versatile, force multiplier ever created.


    • Design to Cost (DTC)
    • Design-Tradeoff Analysis / Trade Studies

    Early Stage Conceptual Estimation

    • Production Time Phases
    • Producibility Studies
    • Large Structure Estimation

    Program/Project Management

    • RFI Response
    • Risk / Uncertainty Analysis
    • Estimation at Completion (EAC)
    • Cost Control
    • Cost & Schedule Analysis
    • Program Trade Studies – AUMC assessment


    • Total Cost Management
    • Target Costing
    • Bogey Flow-downs
    • Budget Estimates / Budgeting
    • Economic Analysis (EA)
    • Warranty/Spares Cost Analysis
    • Cross-Check Estimation
    • Future Capability Planning
    • Independent Cost Estimates (ICE)
    • Supplier Assessment
    Business Development

    • Bid & Proposal
    • Bid Validation
    • Bid/No Bid
    • Black-hat Reviews
    • Business Case Analysis (BCA)
    • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
    • Ghosting the Competition
    • Price-to-Win Analysis


    • Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs)
    • Advanced Concept Studies
    • Affordability Analysis
    • Agile vs Waterfall Development Analysis
    • Cost Estimation
    • Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)
    • Life Cycle Estimates (LCCE)
    • Technology Maturation Cost (TRL)
    • Technology Obsolescence
    • Value Engineering
    • Custom Cost Model Development

    Presenter: Chris Price has been devoted to Systems Engineering and specifically Cost Analysis for the past 15+ years. He has been with PRICE Systems LLC since October, 2014. Previously he was with Raytheon Company since 1984. At Raytheon he worked in the Systems Cost Engineering / Analysis Organization and the Systems Effectiveness / Reliability & Maintainability Engineering Organization. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Ohio Institute of Technology.

    Download the presentation slides

  • aPriori Presents:
    aPriori PCM Case Study Webinar with Tetra Pak

    apriori-lraPriori, a leading provider of product cost management (PCM) software solutions for the enterprise is hosting a new Case Study webinar with customer Tetra Pak®, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions.

    Hear how Tetra Pak is starting to leverage product cost management technology and professional services from aPriori to achieve the following strategic goals:

    • Reduce the number of cost reduction activities by enabling identification of cost drivers early in the design cycle.
    • Improve supplier negotiations by making cost estimates uniform and provide a detailed cost break down of manufacturing process data at a granular part level.

    Hear Ms. Karin Viestam, Global Expert DfC, Development & Service Operations, describe the challenges they addressed, the solution they deployed with aPriori and the results they have seen to date.

    For more insight and information, view this demonstration from aPriori.

     PRICE Systems, LLC Presents:
    TruePlanning 2016 – The Future Is Here

    PRICE Systems will showcase the power of predictive analytics focusing on PRICE Cost Analytics 2016. By attending this seminar, you will get a firsthand look and demonstration of a wide range of the new capabilities in TruePlanning, TrueFindings, TrueMapper and the latest PRICE Models.

    In this session we will showcase many new and exciting features including:

    • Easy Early Adoption capabilities
    • New Knowledgebase for Additive Manufacturing
    • New Knowledgebase for Unmanned Space Equipment
    • Customer-driven enhancements and additions to Schedule Estimating
    • Enhanced Production Manufacturing estimating
    • Enhanced Software Estimating including new software sizing methods
    • Learn how you can report 881C WBS (and other structures) directly from TruePlanning
    • Enhanced integration with PROPRICER, Excel, MS Project and other applications

    In addition, we are pleased to present our new Information Technology Services models. These models allow you to estimate both new projects and operations for:

    • Application Development Services
    • Application Services
    • Database Services
    • End User Services
    • Facilities and Communication Services
    • Help Desk Services
    • Infrastructure Services
    • Training Services

    These are just the beginning of the new capabilities being released in the latest version of PRICE Cost Analytics 2016.

    Presenter: Joe Bauer joined PRICE Systems after twenty years of service in the US Air Force. Joe is the primary Solutions Consultant for Air Force customers, providing training, mentoring, and consulting in parametric estimation and data analysis. He earned a Master of Science degree in Cost Analysis in 2009 from the Air Force Institute of Technology and an MBA in 2005. Joe is a Certified Cost Estimator / Analyst (CCEA) with ICEAA.

    Download the presentation slides (PDF)

    Booz Allen Hamilton Presents:
    Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis with Booz Allen’s Polaris™

    BAH polarismark_sigUPDATEOne of the greatest challenges in managing costs on projects is the lack of cost, schedule, and risk integration. Equally, informed real-time decision making is critical to ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Project decision makers need the ability to visualize a project timeline, quickly understand risk impacts and conduct “what if” analysis to best mitigate that risk within their respective budgets and timelines. That’s why we created Polaris™, the next generation of project analysis software.

    Polaris™ not only helps you fully integrate a project’s cost, schedule, and risk variables, it also is the only solution that runs simulations in real-time, the speed at which decisions are made, allowing your project team to take corrective actions during the course of one meeting saving that critical lost time that other solutions require for multiple meetings.

    Attendees of this webinar will understand how Polaris can:

    • Run real-time analysis to stop cost and schedule growth before they occur
    • Help the project team prioritize those risks that have the greatest impact on a project’s schedule and cost, which will inform effective risk mitigation
    • Incorporate costs of delay/liquidated damages and model their impact on overall project cost
    • Identify the most effective corrective actions to ensure a project fits with a constrained budget and schedule


     PRICE Systems, LLC Presents:
    Data Driven Estimating with PRICE® TrueFindings®

    PrintData driven estimating is more than a catch phrase. Data driven estimating highlights the need for estimators to leverage accurate, relevant historical data in order to generate valid and defensible forecasts. Analysts may have program data at their disposal, with no efficient way to manage or analyze the data. TrueFindings® provides the analyst with a consolidated approach for collecting, normalizing, analyzing, and storing data.

    TrueFindings® is about more than data analysis; it is about data management. From basic descriptive statistical analysis and charting, to inferential statistics with rapid filtering and customization of variables, TrueFindings® works seamlessly with our parametric modeling framework, TruePlanning®, to generate, employ, and validate inputs and results. All of this is contained in a simple, clean user interface and requires minimal formatting of your existing data sets in Excel.

    Attendees will:

    * Understand how to leverage existing data within their program and quickly / easily import data into the TrueFindings® application.
    * Learn ways to analyze and normalize data within TrueFindings.
    * Understand how to validate and defend parametric estimates by linking TrueFindings® analysis directly to TruePlanning®.


    IMC lrIntegrated Management ConceptsPrint and Encore Analytics Presents:
    Earned Value Management and
    ANSI/EIA-748 Compliance
    Thursday, February 26, 2015 | 12:00-1:00pm EST

    Download Presentation PDF

    Achieving ANSI/EIA-748 compliance requires management and analysis of a tremendous amount of data and strict adherence to documented processes. It can be an arduous and overwhelming task where one misstep can cause delays in contract payments and lost revenue. Until now, technology advances have outpaced the evolution of EVM tools, leaving project management professionals to struggle with antiquated systems and to question the validity of the analysis.

    Integrated Management Concepts and Encore Analytics, leaders in EVM solutions, developed a sophisticated, intuitive solution that simplifies ANSI/EIA-748 compliance, while providing businesses with in-depth analytics that serve as accurate and reliable predictors of project success.

    Attendees will:

    • Gain clarity about ANSI/EIA-748 compliance and how the newest EVM tools can objectively evaluate cost/schedule status, forecast future impacts, and help professionals communicate risks and recovery planning strategies to project teams and stakeholders.
    • Learn ways to leverage advanced analytics to quickly and accurately measure, analyze, forecast and improve overall project performance.
    • Understand how to bring geographically disparate stakeholders together into the project management process at a very low cost.

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