ICEAA Leadership

Board Meeting Minutes & Documentation Meet the 2023-2025 ICEAA Board of Directors

ICEAA’s Board of Directors meets a minimum of three times annually, and directors are expected to spend at least two hours reviewing materials in preparation for those meetings. Board members are encouraged to volunteer to participate in additional activities or complete tasks as needed by the association that require varying amounts of time and effort.

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Professional Development, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President (not an elected position; the last sitting President assumes this role at the end of their term), and the ICEAA Executive Director. These individuals are expected to attend all Board of Directors meetings, participate in additional meetings/calls of the Executive Committee, and perform additional duties. Executive Committee members should be prepared to spend a minimum of 80 hours per year in their role.

The remaining members of ICEAA’s Board of Directors are two Elected Directors, seven U.S.-based Regional Directors, and International Regional Directors for our key areas abroad (Region Directors are elected by the members in their region in separate elections that will follow the primary board election).

All are expected to attend the three annual board meetings and additional duties as required or desired.  Any board member should be prepared to spend a minimum of 60-80 hours per year in their role. An Officer or Director who misses two consecutive board meetings or three total over the two-year term may be removed from their position by a majority vote of Executive Committee.

In addition to the elected members of the ICEAA International Board of Directors, committees to address areas such as certification, marketing, member outreach, chapter development, government participation, finance/budget, and governance are formed to solve problems, research solutions, and figure out how ICEAA can best serve its members. Though neither the members of these committees nor their chairs can vote during a Board of Directors meeting, committee participation and involvement is always encouraged, and as a mostly-volunteer run association, vital to ICEAA’s success. Nearly all of ICEAA’s voting board members got their start by serving on a committee.

Descriptions of each position are in the ICEAA bylaws and for your convenience copied below:

  • The President is the chief executive of ICEAA. The President shall preside at all ICEAA business meetings of and the Board of Directors, and shall be responsible for administering ICEAA’s affairs in accordance with the policies and regulations established by the Board of Directors.
  • The Executive Vice President shall act for the President whenever the President is unable to perform his/her duties. The Executive Vice President in concert with the President shall establish priorities, provide guidance and report to the Board of Directors in the areas of Chapter development & reinstatement, membership communication, growth and status, publications, and annual honors and awards. To aid the Executive Vice President in the performance of these duties the President shall appoint, with approval by the Board of Directors, Principals to advise in the areas of Chaptering, Membership, Publications, Honors & Awards, or in other areas as necessary. These Principals shall receive their guidance and report their progress through the Executive Vice President.
  • The Vice President for Professional Development, in concert with the President, shall establish priorities, provide guidance and report to the Board of Directors in the areas of Certification, Training and Body of Knowledge. To aid the Vice President for Professional Development in the performance of these duties the President shall appoint, with approval by the Board of Directors, Principals to advise in the areas of Certification, Training, Body of Knowledge, or in other areas as necessary. These Principals shall coordinate and report their progress through the Vice President for Professional Development.
  • The Secretary shall be ICEAA’s corporate secretary and legal officer, shall be responsible for membership services, maintaining a roll of Members, arranging for audits of ICEAA’s accounts, keeping minutes of ICEAA meetings and the Board of Directors, and conducting all official ICEAA correspondence.
  • The Treasurer shall have charge of ICEAA’s funds and shall receive and disburse same upon the authorization of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall report to the Board of Directors at each of their meetings and prepare a year-end annual report for the membership. In addition, the Treasurer with the support to the Executive Committee shall prepare and present a five year financial plan to the Board of Directors during the meeting coinciding with the Annual Conference.
  • Two Elected Directors shall be responsible for those duties which may be assigned to them by the President (with approval by the Board of Directors).
  • The Regional Directors shall have the responsibility for the regional affairs of ICEAA and shall provide necessary liaison between the Chapters of the Region and the Board of Directors. The Regional Directors shall be elected by the membership within the Region.

Additional information on the ICEAA Board and the duties of the officers and directors can be found in the ICEAA Bylaws and the ICEAA Constitution.

For a list of current chapter presidents, visit the chapter page.

ICEAA 2023-2025 Board of Directors

FirstLastPositionContactOrganization Name
Christina N.SnyderPresidentpresident@iceaaonline.orgSystems Planning and Analysis
JenniferKirchhofferVice President for Professional DevelopmentVPProfDevlp@iceaaonline.orgTecolote Research, Inc.
KellieBenefiel (Wutzke)Executive Vice PresidentVicePresident@iceaaonline.orgCobec Consulting, Inc.
MadeleineTellerTreasurerTreasurer@iceaaonline.orgTecolote Research, Inc.
Arlene F.MinkiewiczSecretarySecretary@iceaaonline.orgPRICE Systems, LLC
BobHuntPast PresidentPastPresident@iceaaonline.orgNSI, Inc.
CarolDekkersAt-Large DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgQuality Plus Technologies
RichardHartleyAt-Large DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgThe Boeing Company
CariPullenRegion 1 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgAir Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA)
Timothy P.AndersonRegion 2 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgThe Aerospace Corporation
Christian B.SmartRegion 3 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgNASA
JenniferScheelRegion 4 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgAssured Consulting
DaveBrownRegion 5 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgBall Aerospace
Brent M.JohnstoneRegion 6 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgLockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
WendyRobelloRegion 7 DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgNorthrop Grumman
AnhPham WaddellAustralia Region DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgAustralia Department of Defence
MichaelLionaisCanada Region DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgTechnomics Canada
SanathananRajagopalEurope/UK Region DirectorDirector@iceaaonline.orgSirius Analysis, Ltd.

ICEAA Board of Directors Minutes and Supporting Documentation

January 19, 2024

Official minutes (Approved March 8, 2024)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Interim Executive Committee Action: clarified language for the requirement that as
of January 1, 2024, all potential SCEC candidates must either purchase or show
proof of purchase of the CEBoK-S materials.
-Approved the ICEAA Software SIG’s nominee for the inaugural Boehm Award for Excellence in Software and Systems Cost Analysis.

November 3, 2023

Official minutes (Approved January 19, 2024)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Nominated and approved granting Emeritus membership status to Dale Shermon

September 8, 2023

Official minutes (Approved November 3, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved the following limits on the number of exam attempts, to be effective immediately: “For any given exam type, (PCEA, CCEA, and SCEC), a candidate may not exceed a total of two attempts per exam type in a 6-month period or three attempts in a 12-month period.”
-Approved fees for the External For-Profit Training agreement: $595 for the CEBoK-S license per attendee (and until Dec 31, 2023 one copy per trainer) and $100 per registrant for use of ICEAA IP, with trial period through EOY 2024.

July 14, 2023

Official minutes (Approved September 8, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved the Software SIG strategic plan as shown in May

May 15, 2023

Official minutes (Approved July 11, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved approve requiring SCEC alpha-testers to provide three quantitative questions for use on the SCEC exam before being awarded their SCEC certification.
-Approved member pricing for the 12-PDF CEBoK-S bundle at $595 for ICEAA members, will determine bulk pricing at a future board meeting.

March 31, 2023

Official minutes (Approved May 15, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
Set the SCEC exam at 60 questions over 90 minutes with a 70% pass rate.
-Approved funding the Cost of Everything Podcast sponsorship agreement.

February 13, 2023

Official minutes (Approved March 31, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:

December 9, 2022

Official minutes (Approved February 13, 2023)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:

October 12, 2022

Official minutes (Approved December 9, 2022)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
Approved charter for ICEAA Software, a special interest group supported by ICEAA and Nesma.
-Appointed Cheryl Latimer to serve in the UK/EU Region Director position vacated by Dale Shermon for the remainder of the 2021-2023 board term.

July 22, 2022

Official minutes (Approved October 12, 2022)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:

May 16, 2022

Official minutes (Approved September 17, 2022)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Revised previous recommendation of expanding the previously requested 3-month snapshot of ICEAA’s financial statements for the independent review to include the entire FY2021.
-Approved investing approx. $14,000 on the Freestone Learning Management System for the purposes of selling our training videos and eventually CEBoK-S.
-Approved raising annual ICEAA dues from $95 per year to $150 per year effective October 1, 2022.

February 11, 2022

Official minutes (Approved May 16, 2022)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Tasked treasurer Madeline Teller with forming a 3-5 member financial review committee and report on their progress at the May 2022 board meeting.
-Agreed to conduct the 2022 Professional Development & Training Workshop as an in-person event only, with no hybrid or virtual attendance options.

December 3, 2021

Official minutes (Approved February 11, 2022)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved proposed expense approval process for business office purchases exceeding $3,000 (excluding payroll expenses).

September 17, 2021

Official minutes (Approved December 4, 2021)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved expenditure of up to $1,000 on an independent external audit of ICEAA’s finances, with the goal of spending less if possible.
-Approved Kevin Cincotta as Certification Principal and Kellie Wutzke (Benefiel) as Body of Knowledge Principal for the 2021-2023 term.
-Approved copyrighting of Software Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK) material.

June 4, 2021

Official minutes (Approved September 17, 2021)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:

March 19, 2021

Official minutes (Approved June 4, 2021)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes:
-Approved proposed bylaws changes to Article III/Section H to better describe the role of Region Directors and to allow Region Directors to appoint representatives to assist them in supporting the region.

January 22, 2021

Official minutes (Approved March 19, 2021)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:

November 20, 2020

Official minutes (Approved January 22, 2021)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:
-Voted to officially begin planning the 2021 Professional Development & Training Workshop as an online event.
-Granted Business Office permission to  to negotiate postponing our contract with the host hotel from 2021 to 2024.

September 25, 2020

Official minutes (Approved November 20, 2020)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:
-Approved proposed bylaws changes shortening the nomination timeline for the board of directors elections.
-Voted to suspend the availability of the Parametric Specialty exam (CCEA-P) to the public until such time that the exam has undergone a thorough review and comprehensive revision.

May 15, 2020

Official minutes (Approved September 25, 2020)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:
-Approved the appointment of Jeff Moore to the recently vacated Treasurer position.
-Voted not to continue the Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics as it has been, but will explore options for continuing an annual publication of relevant content in another format.
-Approved the results of the 2020 Association Awards program as determined by the Awards Committee.
-Voted to grant emeritus membership status to Michael L. Fuller and Ralph E. Smith.

January 25, 2020

Official minutes (Approved May 15, 2020)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:
-Approved several edits to the bylaws, as outlined in the minutes and supporting slides.
-Approved selection of a vendor to provide online certification exams.
-Established a team to negotiate the MOU with DAU and give permission for that group to determine final terms and execute the MOU on behalf of the board.

October 19, 2019

Official minutes (Approved January 25, 2020)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:
-Approved the appointment of Kevin Cincotta as Certification Principal for the 2019-2021 board term.
-Appointed and approved the appointment of Kellie Scarbrough as Body of Knowledge Principal for the 2019-2021 board term.
-Voted to form an ICEAA Accountability Budget Team to enact Accountability Budget practices across the association.
-Voted to conduct a price comparison for online testing vendors to present to the board for approval, negotiate a contract with the chosen vendor, migrate the existing PCEA and CCEA exams to an online format, create a Certification Committee for updating exam questions.
-Accepted the ICEAA publications policy as presented in the pre-read package by Dale Shermon.
Memorandum for the Record
SUBJECT: Sole Source Award of Software Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (sCEBoK) Contract and Ceiling Price. FROM: Bob Hunt, ICEAA Executive Vice President

May 13, 2019

OFFICIAL minutes (Approved October 19, 2019)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted on and approved an allocation of € 2,900 to conduct sCEBoK training and hold a Software Certification Exam at the October 2019 IWSM meeting in the Netherlands.
Voted to grant emeritus membership status to Leroy (Lee) Baseman, Dick Coleman, and Joseph Wagner.


February 9, 2019

Official minutes (approved May 13, 2019)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: None.

November 3, 2018

Approved minutes (approved February 9, 2019)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to amend bylaws article II-A, B for typo and to make language more inclusive
Voted to amend bylaws article II-G, H to reflect online voting practices
Voted to amend bylaws article III-H-1 to remove stipulation that Region Directors be nominated by Chapter Presidents
Voted to remove bylaws article III-J as the Outside Director role had been repurposed in Article V per June 2014 amendment
Voted to amend bylaws article IV-E to clarify language regarding composition and role of Executive Committee
Voted to present amendments to the Constitution for all-membership vote: I-B; VI; VII-A, B, C, E, H, G, F, I, J, K; VIII-B, E, G; IX-B
Voted to amend bylaws articles III-H, III-I after the membership vote on Constitution amendments to reflect Constitution changes

June 11, 2018

Approved minutes (as of November 3, 2018)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to write off the accounting books an outstanding debt from past funds misappropriation, not to excuse the debt but to streamline accounting.
Voted for VP of Professional Development to set up a product definition team which will determine the preliminary requirements and concept of operation for the CEBoK platform and a budget for initial consulting services.
Voted to approve the formation of and the charter agreement for the Space SIG.
Voted to allow the ICEAA Executive Director to make purchases or investments up to $500 in excess of the approved budget before having to seek permission from the board or Treasurer.

February 24, 2018

Official minutes (approved June 11, 2018)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to change CCEA Recertification procedure from requiring proof of points acquired to an audit system.

September 30, 2017

Official minutes (approved February 24, 2018)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to allow for the creation of Canada-specific content within CEBoK.
Voted to amend bylaws Article VII,  sections A-C to allow for proxy voting.
Voted to amend bylaws Article III, Section H to clarify nomination and election of the Non-Aligned Director.
Voted to amend bylaws Article I, Section G to outline procedure for nominating and approving Fellow members.
Voted to approve new training license MOU and distribute to companies selling CEBoK training services to third parties.
Agreed to support new Chapter Funding Policy.

June 5, 2017

Official minutes (approved September 30, 2017)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: None.

February 25, 2017

Official minutes (approved June 5, 2017)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: None.

September 24, 2016

Official minutes (Approved February 25, 2017)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Quorum not established. Treasurer/Secretary report approval votes deferred to February 2017.

June 6, 2016

Official minutes (Approved February 25, 2017)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to allow PCEA certification to be extended beyond 3 years upon re-taking the PCEA exam.

March 12, 2016

Official minutes (Approved June 6, 2016)
Supporting slides and presentations

Key Votes
: Voted to approve new naming convention for Annual Association Awards.
Voted and approved amendments to the ICEAA bylaws:

  • Grammatical/wording edits: Article I, sections G, J; Article II, section H; Article III, section G;  Article V, sections A, B; Article VI, sections A-D; Article VII, sections C, F; Article IX, section A.
  • To allow for Fellow and Emeritus membership statuses: Article I, sections G, H.
  • To rename appointed, non-voting positions from “Director” to “Principal”: Article III, sections B, C.
  • To clarify role and process for appointing Outside Directors: Article III, section J.
  • To clarify SIG charter establishment: Article V, section F.

December 18, 2015

Official minutes (Approved March 12, 2016)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes:.

October 17, 2015

Official minutes (Approved March 12, 2016)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted extend honorific of emeritus membership to Frank Flett and solicit his input on the criteria and process for future emeritus members.

June 8, 2015

Official minutes (approved October 17, 2015)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Appointed new Awards Committee to review available awards, clarify criteria, formalize nomination/selection process.
Agreed to hold Annual All-Member Meeting virtually in the fall for 2015 as opposed to in-person at the end of the Workshop.

February 7, 2015

Official minutes (approved June 8, 2015)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted and approved new dues structure to take effect 1 March 2015.
Voted and approved 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

September 16, 2014

Official minutes (approved February 7, 2015)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Quorum not established. Treasurer/Secretary votes approved electronically, all other votes deferred to February 2015.

June 9, 2014

Official minutes (approved September 16, 2014)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Approved edit to bylaws to add Article V: Advisory Panels to allow for outside directors and/or government employee input to the board.

March 1, 2014

Official minutes (approved June 9, 2014)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: None.

October 19, 2013

Official minutes (approved March 1, 2014)
Supporting slides and presentations
Key Votes: Voted to amend bylaws Article IV, section F to allow for the formation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Historical List of ICEAA, SCEA, ISPA and NES Board of Directors, 1990-2019

First NameLast NamePositionTerm
CaroleAdamsRegion 4 Director1995-1999 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
Neil F.AlbertJointness Chair2009-2011 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertPast President2005-2007 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertPast President2003-2005 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertPast President2001-2003 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertPast President1999-2001 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertPresident1995-1999 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertVice President1992-1994 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertVice President1991 SCEA
Neil F.AlbertVice President1990 SCEA
Timothy P.AndersonRegion 2 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
PeterAndrejevDirector of Certification2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
PeterAndrejevDirector of Certification2009-2011 SCEA
PeterAndrejevDirector of Certification2007-2009 SCEA
PeterAndrejevVice President2005-2007 SCEA
PeterAndrejevDirector2003-2005 SCEA
PeterAndrejevDirector2001-2003 SCEA
HankApgarDirector2007-2009 ISPA
SteveBagbyDirector2007-2009 SCEA
SteveBagbyDirector2005-2007 SCEA
ErinBarkelCanada Region Director2019-2021 ICEAA
ErinBarkelDirector2017-2019 ICEAA
DickBasnerDirector2007-2009 ISPA
DickBasnerDirector2005-2007 ISPA
Eleanor M.BassettRegion 1 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
Eleanor M.BassettRegion 1 Director2013-2015 ICEAA
JoeBauerRegion 4 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
DorothyBernayTreasurer1995-1999 SCEA
DorothyBernayTreasurer1992-1994 SCEA
DorothyBernayTreasurer1991 SCEA
CharlotteBottorffDirector1990 SCEA
GaryBoulwareRegion 4 Director1999-2001 SCEA
Peter J.BraxtonVP Professional Development2013-2015 ICEAA
Peter J.BraxtonAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
Peter J.BraxtonBody of Knowledge Chair2009-2011 SCEA
Peter J.BraxtonElected Director2009-2011 SCEA
Peter J.BraxtonTraining/Professional Development Chair2007-2009 SCEA
Peter J.BraxtonDirector Training/Prof. Devel.2005-2007 SCEA
DaveBrownAt-Large Director2021-2023 ICEAA
Kurt R.BrunnerRegion 7 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
Kurt R.BrunnerRegion 7 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
Kurt R.BrunnerRegion 7 Director2013-2015 ICEAA
Kurt R.BrunnerDirector2011-2012 ISPA
BethiaBurkeTraining/Professional Development Chair2009-2011 SCEA
RaulBustamanteDirector1990 SCEA
JacksonCalvertDirector1999-2001 SCEA
JeffCampbellAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
RobertCarltonDirector Recertification2005-2007 SCEA
RobertCarltonDirector2003-2005 SCEA
RobertCarltonDirector Recertification2003-2005 SCEA
RobertCarltonDirector of Certification2001-2003 SCEA
RobertCarltonDirector1999-2001 SCEA
ReyCarpioDirector2003-2005 SCEA
RichardCheslowSecretary1995-1999 SCEA
RichardCheslowDirector1991 SCEA
RichardCheslowDirector1990 SCEA
KevinCincottaCertification Principal2019-2021 ICEAA
KevinCincottaDirector of Outside Training2015-2017 ICEAA
TraceyClavellAustralia Region Director2017-2019 ICEAA
TraceyClavellAustralia Region Director2015-2017 ICEAA
JacksonClavertDirector1995-1999 SCEA
RichardColemanRegion 2 Director2011-2012 SCEA
RichardColemanElected Director2009-2011 SCEA
RichardColemanDirector2007-2009 SCEA
RichardColemanDirector Research2005-2007 SCEA
RichardColemanVice President2003-2005 SCEA
RichardColemanVice President2001-2003 SCEA
RichardColemanRegion 2 Director1999-2001 SCEA
RickCollinsPresident2019-2021 ICEAA
RickCollinsRegion 2 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
RickCollinsRegion 2 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
RickCollinsAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
TomCoonceExecutive Manager2009-2011 ISPA
TomCoonceExecutive Manager2007-2009 ISPA
TomCoonceSecretary2005-2007 ISPA
EugeneCostawDirector1992-1994 SCEA
RayCrumDirector1999-2001 SCEA
RayCrumPast President1995-1999 SCEA
RayCrumPresident1992-1994 SCEA
RayCrumPresident1991 SCEA
RayCrumPresident1991 SCEA
JosephDeanRegion 1 Director2011-2012 SCEA
JosephDeanRegion 1 Director2009-2011 SCEA
JosephDeanVice President2007-2009 SCEA
JosephDeanRegion 1 Director2005-2007 SCEA
JosephDeanRegion 1 Director2003-2005 SCEA
JosephDeanSecretary2001-2003 SCEA
JosephDeanDirector1995-1999 SCEA
JosephDeanDirector1991 SCEA
JasonDechoretzNon-Aligned Director2017-2019 ICEAA
JasonDechoretzNon-Aligned Director2015-2017 ICEAA
JasonDechoretzBOD Chair2009-2011 ISPA
JasonDechoretzBOD Chair2007-2009 ISPA
JasonDechoretzBOD Deputy Chair2005-2007 ISPA
JohnDeemRegion 6 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
JohnDeemRegion 6 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
RobertDevaneyRegion 5 Director2009-2011 SCEA
RobertDevaneyRegion 5 Director2007-2009 SCEA
Michael K.DohertyRegion 5 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
EricDrukerRegion 4 Director2013-2015 ICEAA
RodDukeRegion 3 Director2001-2003 SCEA
ThomasDuPreDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
ThomasDuPreAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
AlbertElamDirector1991 SCEA
AlbertElamSecretary1990 SCEA
MadelineEllisDirector2011-2012 ISPA
MadelineEllisBOD Deputy Chair2007-2009 ISPA
MadelineEllisBOD Chair2005-2007 ISPA
NathanEskueRegion 7 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
MelEtheridgeSecretary2005-2007 SCEA
MelEtheridgeSecretary2003-2005 SCEA
MelEtheridgeDirector2001-2003 SCEA
MelEtheridgeDirector1999-2001 SCEA
Ann-MarieFabishakRegion 6 Director2001-2003 SCEA
JohnFascianiRegion 5 Director1999-2001 SCEA
JohnFascianiRegion 5 Director1995-1999 SCEA
LouFichterRegion 3 Director2005-2007 SCEA
LouFichterRegion 3 Director2003-2005 SCEA
JenniferFlanaganRegion 4 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
FrankFlettDirector Training/Prof. Devel.2001-2003 SCEA
FrankFlettPresident1999-2001 SCEA
FrankFlettVice President1995-1999 SCEA
FrankFlettDirector1992-1994 SCEA
FrankFlettDirector1991 SCEA
FrankFlettDirector1990 SCEA
T. BernardFoxDirector1995-1999 SCEA
AMFragerDirector1990 SCEA
ThurmanGardnerDirector1995-1999 SCEA
KatieGeier NoriegaDirector2013-2015 ICEAA
Brian D.GlauserPast President2017-2019 ICEAA
Brian D.GlauserPast President2015-2017 ICEAA
Brian D.GlauserPresident2013-2015 ICEAA
Brian D.GlauserDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
Brian D.GlauserDirector2011-2012 ISPA
SteveGlogozaRegion 4 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
SteveGlogozaRegion 4 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
DavidGrahamDirector2007-2009 SCEA
DavidGrahamDirector2005-2007 SCEA
JackGraserDirector2001-2003 SCEA
ArthurGriffithsDirector2009-2011 ISPA
Ann-MarieGroveTreasurer1990 SCEA
DonaldGudzuneDirector1990 SCEA
ShishuGuptaRegion 2 Director2001-2003 SCEA
SteveHansenRegion 6 Director2011-2012 SCEA
SteveHansenRegion 6 Director2009-2011 SCEA
MaryHarmonElected Director2009-2011 SCEA
MaryHarmonDirector2007-2009 SCEA
RichardHartleyRegion 2 Director2009-2011 SCEA
RichardHartleyDirector2007-2009 SCEA
RichardHartleyDirector2005-2007 SCEA
RichardHartleyDirector2003-2005 SCEA
RichardHarwinRegion 7 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
RichHarwinDirector2015-2017 ICEAA
RichHarwinDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
RichardHarwinExecutive Manager2011-2012 ISPA
RichardHarwinDirector2009-2011 ISPA
WilliamHaseltinePast President2011-2012 SCEA
WilliamHaseltinePresident2009-2011 SCEA
WilliamHaseltinePresident2007-2009 SCEA
WilliamHaseltineDirector2005-2007 SCEA
WilliamHaseltineDirector2003-2005 SCEA
WilliamHaseltineRegion 1 Director2001-2003 SCEA
JamesHerdDirector1992-1994 SCEA
JamesHerdDirector1990 SCEA
CarolHibbardDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
CarolHibbardSecretary2011-2012 SCEA
CarolHibbardSecretary2009-2011 SCEA
CarolHibbardDirector2007-2009 SCEA
YasushiHorikawaJapan Director2013-2015 ICEAA
YasushiHorikawaRegion Japan VP2011-2012 SCEA
BobHuntPresident2021-2023 ICEAA
BobHuntExecutive Vice President2019-2021 ICEAA
BobHuntTreasurer2017-2019 ICEAA
BobHuntTreasurer2015-2017 ICEAA
Brent M.JohnstoneRegion 6 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
HerveJoumierEurope Director2013-2015 ICEAA
HerveJoumierDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
HerveJoumierDirector2011-2012 ISPA
HerveJoumierDirector2009-2011 ISPA
HerveJoumierDirector2007-2009 ISPA
HerveJoumierDirector2005-2007 ISPA
RobynKaneVice President2009-2011 SCEA
RobynKaneSecretary2007-2009 SCEA
RobynKaneDirector2005-2007 SCEA
RolandKankeyDirector1992-1994 SCEA
RichardKatzRegion 6 Director1995-1999 SCEA
MeghanKennedyAt-Large Director2019-2021 ICEAA
JenniferKirchhofferVP Professional Development2021-2023 ICEAA
VickiKitchensRegion 3 Director2007-2009 SCEA
GregKiviatSecretary2017-2019 ICEAA
GregKiviatSecretary2015-2017 ICEAA
GregKiviatSecretary2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
GregKiviatBOD Deputy Chair2011-2012 ISPA
GregKiviatSecretary2009-2011 ISPA
ColeKupecRegion 3 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
ColeKupecRegion 3 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
DebraLehmanDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
DebraLehmanTreasurer2011-2012 SCEA
DebraLehmanElected Director2009-2011 SCEA
JoanLovelaceDirector1995-1999 SCEA
JimManzoAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
Paul R.MarstonPast President2019-2021 ICEAA
Paul R.MarstonPresident2017-2019 ICEAA
Paul R.MarstonPresident2015-2017 ICEAA
Paul R.MarstonExecutive Vice President2013-2015 ICEAA
PaulMarstonCo-President2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
Paul R.MarstonPresident2011-2012 SCEA
Paul R.MarstonRegion 1 Director2007-2009 SCEA
AlanMayerCanada Region Director2021-2023 ICEAA
GeraldMcNicholsDirector1991 SCEA
GeraldMcNicholsDirector1990 SCEA
WilliamMetzRegion 5 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
SusanMeyerDirector2001-2003 SCEA
BruceMinettTreasurer2011-2012 ISPA
BruceMinettTreasurer2009-2011 ISPA
BruceMinettTreasurer2007-2009 ISPA
BruceMinettTreasurer2005-2007 ISPA
Arlene F.MinkiewiczSecretary2021-2023 ICEAA
ArleneMinkiewiczRegion 1 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
ArleneMinkiewiczRegion 1 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
JeremyMitchellRegion 4 Director2011-2012 SCEA
JeffreyMooreRegion 2 Director2013-2015 ICEAA
JohnMorganDirector1990 SCEA
LoulaMoschonasRegion 6 Director2003-2005 SCEA
ElizabethMunsonSecretary2007-2009 ISPA
ElizabethMunsonExecutive Manager2005-2007 ISPA
AndrewNichollsAustralia Region Director2013-2015 ICEAA
AndyNichollsUK Region Director2013-2015 ICEAA
AndyNichollsDirector2009-2011 ISPA
AndyNichollsDirector2007-2009 ISPA
AndyNichollsDirector2005-2007 ISPA
Daniel A.NussbaumDirector2015-2017 ICEAA
Daniel A.NussbaumDirector2013-2015 ICEAA
Daniel A.NussbaumPast President2007-2009 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumPresident2005-2007 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumPresident2003-2005 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumPresident2001-2003 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumVice President1999-2001 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumRegion 2 Director1995-1999 SCEA
Daniel A.NussbaumDirector1992-1994 SCEA
JamesOcqueRegion 3 Director1999-2001 SCEA
JamesOcqueRegion 3 Director1995-1999 SCEA
DavidOlsenRegion 6 Director1999-2001 SCEA
DavidOlsenDirector1995-1999 SCEA
JanOstranderRegion 1 Director1999-2001 SCEA
JanOstranderRegion 1 Director1995-1999 SCEA
AnhPham-WaddellAustralia Region Director2021-2023 ICEAA
AnhPham-WaddellAustralia Region Director2019-2021 ICEAA
Danny PolidiRegion 7 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
RichardPombrioSecretary1992-1994 SCEA
RichardPombrioSecretary1991 SCEA
RexPotterRegion 5 Director2011-2012 SCEA
Rex M.Potter, CCEARegion 6 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
F. AndyPrinceVP Professional Development2017-2019 ICEAA
F. AndyPrincePast President2013-2015 ICEAA
F. AndyPrinceCo-President2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
F. AndyPrinceBOD Chair2011-2012 ISPA
F. AndyPrinceBOD Deputy Chair2009-2011 ISPA
CariPullenRegion 1 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
SanathananRajagopalUK Region Director2017-2019 ICEAA
QuentinRedmanDirector2005-2007 ISPA
MitchRobinsonDirector of Certification2005-2007 SCEA
MitchRobinsonDirector of Certification2003-2005 SCEA
JenniferRoseRegion 2 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
KerrieSchiemanRegion 4 Director2005-2007 SCEA
KerrieSchiemanRegion 4 Director2003-2005 SCEA
KerriSchiemanRegion 4 Director2001-2003 SCEA
KirkSchneiderRegion 3 Director2013-2015 ICEAA
CarlSchumakerDirector1992-1994 SCEA
DaleShermonEurope/UK Region Director2021-2023 ICEAA
DaleShermonEurope/UK Region Director2019-2021 ICEAA
Christian B.SmartVP Professional Development2019-2021 ICEAA
ChristianSmartRegion 3 Director2011-2012 SCEA
Christina N.SnyderExecutive Vice President2021-2023 ICEAA
Christina N.SnyderSecretary2019-2021 ICEAA
MarthaSpurlockDirector2005-2007 ISPA
BrittStaleyTreasurer2019-2021 ICEAA
DavidStammRegion 2 Director2007-2009 SCEA
DavidStammDirector2005-2007 SCEA
DavidStammDirector2003-2005 SCEA
DavidStammDirector2001-2003 SCEA
DavidStammSecretary1999-2001 SCEA
DavidStammTreasurer1999-2001 SCEA
DavidStemAt-Large Director2019-2021 ICEAA
SteveSterkDirector2011-2012 ISPA
SteveSterkDirector2009-2011 ISPA
GeorgeStrattonDirector2011-2012 ISPA
GeorgeStrattonDirector2009-2011 ISPA
GeorgeStrattonDirector2007-2009 ISPA
Jean NicoleSullivanRegion 3 Director2017-2019 ICEAA
Jean NicoleSullivanRegion 3 Director2015-2017 ICEAA
Ann-MarieSweetDirector1992-1994 SCEA
Ann-MarieSweetDirector1991 SCEA
MadelineTellerTreasurer2021-2023 ICEAA
GeorgesTeologlouEurope Director2017-2019 ICEAA
GeorgesTeologlouEurope Director2015-2017 ICEAA
GeorgesTeologlouDirector2007-2009 ISPA
Michael J.ThompsonExecutive Vice President2017-2019 ICEAA
Michael J.ThompsonExecutive Vice President2015-2017 ICEAA
Michael J.ThompsonTreasurer2013-2015 ICEAA
Michael J.ThompsonDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
Michael J.ThompsonChaptering & Membership Chair2009-2011 SCEA
LindaTurnerRegion 4 Director2009-2011 SCEA
LindaTurnerRegion 4 Director2007-2009 SCEA
JosephWagnerTreasurer2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
JosephWagnerVice President2011-2012 SCEA
JosephWagnerTreasurer2009-2011 SCEA
JosephWagnerTreasurer2007-2009 SCEA
JosephWagnerRegion 2 Director2005-2007 SCEA
JosephWagnerRegion 2 Director2003-2005 SCEA
JosephWagnerDirector2001-2003 SCEA
JosephWagnerDirector1999-2001 SCEA
BlaineWebberAt-Large Director2011-2012 SCEA
BlaineWebberElected Director2009-2011 SCEA
BlaineWebberRegion 6 Director2007-2009 SCEA
BlaineWebberRegion 6 Director2005-2007 SCEA
EdWeeksRegion 5 Director2003-2005 SCEA
JoeWestDirector1990 SCEA
BJWhite-OlsonTreasurer2005-2007 SCEA
BJWhite-OlsonTreasurer2003-2005 SCEA
BJWhite-OlsonTreasurer2001-2003 SCEA
BJWhite-OlsonDirector1999-2001 SCEA
TomWiederrechtRegion 5 Director2005-2007 SCEA
TomWiederrechtRegion 5 Director2001-2003 SCEA
TomekaWilliamsDirector2017-2019 ICEAA
BarbaraWilsonAt-Large Director2021-2023 ICEAA
KellieWutzkeRegion 5 Director2021-2023 ICEAA
KellieWutzkeRegion 5 Director2019-2021 ICEAA
LisaYedoDirector2012-2013 SCEA/ISPA Joint
LisaYedoSecretary2011-2012 ISPA
PatriciaZedakerSecretary2013-2015 ICEAA