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The Joint Integrated Analysis Tool (JIAT)-  Making Data Sharing Easier

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The silver lining in the current DoD budget turmoil is that it provides us with an opportunity to reexamine how we operate and look for ways to be more efficient. In times of belt tightening, improving access and distribution of established resources is imperative. We are challenged to ultimately improve how we share cost resources. For cost professionals, these resources include databases of cost and technical information, libraries of resources, and approved models that can be used rather than re-invented. The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army – Cost & Economics (ODASA-CE) has invested in developing a tool that facilitates secure access to data needed by the cost analyst. The Joint Integrated Analysis Tool (JIAT) has successfully shared data across the Army and is actively promoting its use by any other DoD organization.
JIAT is a CAC-enabled, web-based portal that provides a single log-on/user interface to access a variety of resources. Analysts can search, retrieve, normalize, and capture official validated data directly into their cost models or other tools on their desktop. JIAT is currently a government only web-application that employs features to manage and control access to sensitive information under three main headings: databases, libraries, and models. Today, JIAT provides access to nine major database sources, over 650 CERs, multiple web link libraries, and models from four major tools. The JIAT databases are: ACDB, AMCOS, CKB, CSDR-SR Submission Plans, DAMIR, FLIS, FORCES, Government Rates, and OSMIS. The CER libraries currently focus on aircraft, ground vehicle, C4ISR, and missile commodities. The web link libraries contain searchable lists of cost community sites. In addition, JIAT can run what-if analyses using Excel, Price H, SEER-SEM, and ACE models without the need of having the tool on their machine. Data from all these sources is run and viewed via a web browser and can be downloaded to a user’s desktop.
JIAT is continually growing by adding users from across the DoD services. The next phase of JIAT expansion is to incorporate additional joint data resources developed by and applicable to a variety of organizations promoting expanded data sharing. As a start, we have added the Air Force Cost Factors ACDB database provided by Air Force LCMC/FMC. Going forward, we are looking to work with organizations to make additional resources available through the JIAT portal.
This presentation summarizes the current information available from JIAT and describes how DoD-wide organizations can leverage JIAT to securely share their data (limit access to targeted individuals). We will discuss how organizations can enter the JIAT sandbox and contribute to the database, library, and model content while controlling access. Specifically, we will describe how to build and maintain libraries and how database tools and models can be added to the framework. This presentation is ideal for application specialists and managers across DoD to explore how they can capitalize on sharing resources with minimal investment. Any government analyst can request a JIAT account at: https://www.awps.army.mil.


Niatika Griffin
Niatika Griffin received her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Master of Arts degree in Math Education. She spent five years as a Math educator and became an Operation Research Analyst five years ago with Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army of Cost & Economics (DASA-CE). Tenure spent in the Weapons Systems Directorate and Cost and Policy Directorate. Her commodity experience includes ground vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, and engines. Lead Pre-Milestone A and Milestone A Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) efforts and reviewed Cost Benefit Analysis (CBAs) that are attached to Army requirements documents. 2011 Military Operation Research Society (MORS) and 2012 Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) presenter. Currently, serves as Senior Operations Research Analyst and JIAT COTR in the Cost Policy and Research Division.

Melissa Cyrulik
Tecolote Research, Inc.
Melissa Cyrulik is a senior analyst for the Tecolote Research Inc. Software Products/Services Group, SP/SG. She has over 17 years of cost estimating experience supporting U.S. Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, NASA, DHS, and the Intelligence Community. She began her career at Tecolote primarily providing cost estimating support for the Navy. Mrs. Cyrulik began teaching ACEIT courses in 1997. In 2001, she transitioned to Tecolote SP/SG to focus on supporting the ACEIT user community in the Washington D.C. metro area and to serve as the lead ACEIT trainer. This support includes teaching ACEIT courses, consulting with ACEIT users, presenting software demonstrations, providing inputs for software requirements and design, and developing training course materials. In 2009, Mrs. Cyrulik joined the newly formed JIAT team where she has worked to provide analytic and customer support. Today she is the JIAT Project Director and continues to support both the ACEIT and JIAT user communities. Mrs. Cyrulik has presented papers at various cost community workshops and seminars including the ACEIT Users Workshops, ISPA/SCEA Annual Workshops and DODCAS on the subjects of ACEIT, JIAT, and cost uncertainty. She has a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

John McGahan
Tecolote Research, Inc.
John earned a B.S., Mathematics/Computer Science from Fredonia State University and an M.A., Mathematics from Dartmouth College. He has been the DCARC IT Support Project Manager leading the design and development efforts to automate/update DCARC IT systems and databases (CSDR and EVM data) for the past 7 years. Concurrently, for the past 12 years he has been the ACEIT Product Development Manager, directing software development tasks and setting overall product vision and direction. John is the SP/SG Chief Scientist, providing design and development leadership for database and cost analysis web and desktop tools. He also delivers customized training to a variety of DoD customers and provides support throughout our company. John has over 25 years experience as a cost estimator, software engineer, task manager and product team lead.