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Getting (and sharing!) the FACTS: Factors, Analogies, CERs and Tools/Studies

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One of MITRE’s corporate values is “People in partnership.” MITRE values […] partnership with the government, collaboration within and without…”
We at MITRE have been charged via our corporate goals to “Apply technical and engineering excellence,” by bringing to the customer the best thinking possible by “[…] tapping into a deep technical base, both within MITRE and globally, across the breadth of industry and academia.”
Many companies and government agencies have similar ambitions. However, in the cost community, it is often a huge challenge when it comes to sharing or finding useful cost data within one’s own organization, much less outside of one’s own company. FACTS is an internally funded research project designed to overcome this knowledge management challenge and facilitate the sharing of Factors, Analogies, CER’s & Techniques/Studies (FACTS) throughout the cost community.
This presentation will describe in detail the FACTS project, including challenges overcome as well as remaining hurdles. Ultimately the goal is to get as many organizations contributing and benefiting as possible, engaging easy to use open-source social media as a platform to help lower our natural instinct to “close-hold” non-proprietary studies and factors that could be used across the cost community. By presenting FACTS at the annual conference we hope to share our findings and solicit more contributors from the cost community, including FFRDCs and other non-profits, Government and contractors.


Daniel Harper
Mitre Corporation
Mr. Harper is a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst with 20 years of professional experience providing Program Financial Management, Budget Support, Cost Estimating, Earned Value Management, Schedule Analysis and other consulting services for industry as well as Government agencies including all branches of the DoD, the Federal Bureau of investigation, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Reconnaissance Office, the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Health Administration, and Missile Defense Agency Programs.
Mr. Harper has estimated Hardware and Software/IT during all Acquisition and Support Phases of many commodities, including Navy Counter Mine Mission Systems, Aircraft Carriers, Submarine, Strategic Sealift, 21st Century Destroyer (DDX), Satellite (including Ground Stations), and Missile/Launch Vehicle programs. Familiar with all aspects of the DoD Program, Planning and Budgeting System (PPBS). Mr. Harper has a passion for knowledge sharing and knowledge management and was awarded an annual corporate Knowledge Management award in Spring 2012 as a top 10 finalist for the annual KM Awards.
Mr. Harper is an Economics and Business Analyst Lead with MITRE. He has a Finance degree from Virginia Tech as well as a Masters in Technology Management from George Mason University. He currently resides with his wife and 2 boys in Niceville, FL.

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