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Cloud Computing: Federal Mandates and the DoD

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The Federal CIO has laid out a plan to implement cloud computing in all federal agencies and consolidate 800 data centers by 2015. The Office of Management and Budget has required agencies to default to cloud computing solutions wherever those solutions are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

In response, the Department of Defense has launched a number of pilot programs as well as its own strategic plan to foster their deployment of cloud computing systems. Several case studies of cloud solutions within the Department of Defense are already available. The DoD is analyzing these cases for guidance into a larger push into cloud computing systems.

As a source of further guidance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is working to develop a Technology Roadmap that will guide the adoption of cloud computing systems, identify key performance requirements, and outline considerations for Service-Level Agreements.

This presentation analyzes the state of cloud computing within the DoD and identifies key areas of concern going forward. In addition, the goals of the original Federal CIO mandate will be cross examined with the findings of the DoD case studies and NIST guidelines to examine if the viability of the fulfilling the objectives of cloud computing within the DoD and across other agencies. Cost savings of historic programs will be examined, and cost drivers intrinsic to NIST risk mitigation plans will be outlined.


Heather Nayhouse
TASC, Inc.
Heather Nayhouse is an Operations Research Analyst in the Financial and Business Analytics (FBA) Center of Excellence (COE) at TASC. She currently provides cost, risk, and budgeting analysis support to the Intelligence Community. Ms. Nayhouse obtained her Professional Cost Estimator/Analyst (PCEA) Certification in 2010. Ms. Nayhouse obtained a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. Currently, she is pursuing a M.S. in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Eric Lumsden
Eric Lumsden is an Operations Research Analyst at TASC. He received his MBA in 2011 from Pennsylvania State University’s Behrend College, with a concentration of coursework in operations research and management science. His professional experience prior to joining TASC was in financial services as well as accounting and finance. In addition to CER development and cost analysis, he also programs with VBA.