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EVM for the Rest of Us

Earned Value Management Track



Earned Value Management (EVM) is the practice of evaluating cost and schedule data to measure productivity and progress throughout the lifecyle of a project. EVM, however, often has the stigma of being overly complex and burdensome to implement in a useful way.

This session will discuss best practices in implementing a simple yet robust earned value management solution for organizations that benefit from progress measurement and the ability to forecast cost performance, but don’t need to comply with ANSI 748, the EVM standard often used by government agencies and contractors. We’ll discuss topics including the integration of required data, developing key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics, application of rules of credit, updating of percent complete, and automated EV reporting.


Javier Sloninsky
Javier Sloninsky is the Managing Director of EcoSys, a provider of powerful, easy to use, web-based project cost and portfolio management software for industries including engineering and construction, energy, utilities, government, and IT. Javier has over 16 years of leadership and hands-on experience in the commercial software industry, and has advised organizations including the US Department of Defense, Shell Oil, United Utilities, and SunTrust Banks in financial and project management best practices. Before co-founding EcoSys in 2000, Javier served as a product manager at Eagle Ray Software Systems (acquired by Primavera Systems, now part of Oracle).