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Innovative Procurement Approach for Satellite Constellations on Institutional Market

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Procurement of satellite constellations on Institutional market has been limited to GPS constellation for a long time. The 1990’s saw the emergence of commercial constellation such as Iridium or Globalstar. Due to the magnitude of the investment, building up such kind of projects has never been easy. All these projects went through bumpy rides with more or less success in meeting their objectives when they actually survived.

The need for satellite constellations is still extremely vivid, probably even more nowadays to serve the deployment of a broad diversity of System of systems both on commercial and institutional markets.

Early experiences on institutional market constellations show the difficulty to achieve decent value for money with a conventional procurement approach as exercised for single satellite projects.

This paper, based on these lessons learned, proposes an innovative procurement approach best suited for achieving good value for money and minimised delivery times.


Hervé Joumier
European Space Agency
H. Joumier  (born  1958)  has  joined  the  European  Space  Agency  in  Noordwijk  (Netherlands)  in  1998 where he holds now the position of Head of ESA Cost Engineering. He has developed a group of high profile Cost Engineers currently involved in a wide variety of projects early phases, supporting negotiations with Industry, participating to the implementation and running of an integrated design centre where they hold time to time the position of System Engineer or Team Leader.
He  has  been  working  for  twenty  years  in  Space  Industry  starting  with  ALCATEL  through  different  assignments from Project Controller to Commercial Engineer (1987‐1998) and had previously similar experience in the Oil and Gas Industry (1981‐1987) with TECHNIP.
H.Joumier is a life member of ISPA and served to its Board of Directors from 2004 till 2010,
He is a member of the SSCAG (Space Systems Cost Analysis Group) where he brings some contribution to the different sub‐groups on methodologies such as the development of precursor models.