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Integrated Master Planning Formulation-PMAG Approach

EVM & Scheduling Track

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The Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is an essential program tool that spans from the beginning of the life- cycle acquisition framework through source selection, through program execution and up to program sell- off. Though the IMP has only three or four levels, the determination of program elements, significant accomplishments(key events), accomplishment criteria and possible tasks its development provides crucial insight to successful execution of the remainder of the program’s life-cycle. Furthermore, the conduct of risk assessments to include risk identification and mitigation, as well as accounting for unknowns-unknown is a key step in the development of an executable IMS.

For example, once the IMP has been formulated, and the risks assessed and considered, the program’s Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) can be formed by resource-loading the IMP and digging deeper into the task level to determine sub-tasks and work-packages as the IMS should include all IMP events and accomplishments and support each accomplishment closure criteria. Establishment of review points and criteria for their successful completion is a key step to a viable IBR which will be used establish and verify an appropriate Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB), including cost, schedule, and performance data. This baseline will be the pulse of the program, verified at design reviews and at program sell-off and delivery.

This workshop will provide attendees with the basics on how to formulate an IMP through a collaborative process between the government program managers, IPT leads, and their industry counterparts. We will illustrate the importance of government program managers setting proper expectations for their industry counterparts. Lessons learned will be presented to illustrate how expectations setting and true collaboration are essential to the success of formulating an useful IMP.


Nancy Droz
Air Force
Ms. Nancy Droz is the Director of the Program Management Assistance Group (PMAG) at the Space and Missile Systems Center and has over 30 years of Program Management and Engineering experience. Her group provides integrated program management assistance to the Space and Missile Systems Center acquisition wings and training workshops to develop integrated program management capabilities across the acquisition wings.
Ms. Droz has extensive USAF program management experience in strategic planning and all phases of systems acquisition; development, test, production and sustainment for both US and International partners to include TR-1 Aircraft, F-15E Aircraft, F-16 Simulators, H/K Maverick, AMRAAM, DSU-33, MALD and MALD-J. As a professional engineer she has done R&D in thermodynamics for the aerospace industry (Aerojet) and process and project engineering for the chemical industry (PPG, Agrico, Novoste) specializing in chemical plant design and control of manufacturing operations.
A member of the Acquisition Professional Community, Ms. Droz earned a baccalaureate with Honors in Chemical Engineering (Chem E) from the University of Puerto Rico and a master’s in Science in Unit Operations from the University of Arkansas. In addition, she also earned a Masters in Military Operations Arts and Sciences from the Air University, Maxwell AFB.

Mun Kwon
Dr Mun Kwon Consulting
Dr. Mun H. Kwon is President of Dr Mun Kwon Consulting Company has over 29 years of Engineering Management and Program Management experience. Dr. Kwon manages and leads Program Management Assistance group (PMAG) as a senior acquisition adviser to support the Space and Missile Systems Center, providing integrated program management assistance to the SMC’s acquisition wings, and training workshops to develop integrated program management capabilities across the acquisition wings.
Prior to being a consultant, Col Kwon (Ret) worked as Deputy for Program management and Integration Directorate, SMC, LAAFB, CA. He led SMC’s Program Execution and Analysis Group, Acquisition Center of Excellence Group, and PMAG to support the SMC mission. His career has a wide variety of acquisition program management, education, HQ USAF air staff, and materiel leader assignments including Solid Rocket Motors business manager, Launch vehicles acquisition manager, Titan 34D Solid Rocket Motors Production and Launch Services project manager, Space Shuttle Payload Integrator, Advanced Space Technology program manager, USAF/XP chief scientist, professor of systems management, National Defense program control chief, Dean of education and technology, National Defense University, major acquisition national space systems program manager, and commander of materiel acquisition group.
Dr. Kwon earned a baccalaureate science degree in chemistry from the University of Maryland, a master’s in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, second masters in Strategic Studies from the Air War College, and doctorate in Management from the United States International University.