NewsBrief: July 22, 2022

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Cost Estimating NewsBrief: July 22, 2022

White House Advocates Cloud Investment as a Path to Artificial Intelligence

(NextGov) Federal agencies that want to successfully scale and implement cloud computing systems into existing infrastructure can do so through several key practices, including designating expert teams, two-factor authentication, and enhanced education opportunities among users. Outlined in a White House report published earlier this month, officials documented how cloud computing systems can support further federal research and development in artificial intelligence, a goal within the broader Biden administration. Authored by the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Subcommittee within the National Science and Technology Council, the report notes that leveraging cloud computing technology can enable better on-demand resources for researchers working with AI technologies. It went on to highlight opportunities for public agencies looking to bolster AI research efforts with advanced computing systems. Read More

George Mason experts urge DOD to improve how it uses data from tech consortia

(FedScoop) Senior Pentagon leaders have repeatedly emphasized their intent to use data as a strategic asset — but according to a new study shared exclusively with FedScoop this week, the department could benefit from more effective use of data collected through partnerships with tech consortia. In a study by George Mason University’s Center for Government Contracting on Wednesday, experts argue that consortia are playing a pivotal role in high-profile and other Defense Department acquisition efforts, and particularly those associated with other transaction authorities (OTAs). Read More

Cyber Looms Large in House NDAA

(NextGov) The House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023 last Friday after members filed over 1,200 amendments to the bill, including a variety of technology and cybersecurity issues impacting the federal government. From further formalizing the government’s newest cybersecurity agency with directorial term limits to establishing the National Digital Reserve Corps, the current NDAA features a suite of information technology security improvements and policy upgrades which lawmakers hope will find their way into the bill after the House and Senate versions are hashed into a single bill in a conference committee. Read More

Col. Jeremy Raley Takes Over as AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate Head

(ExecutiveGov) Col. Jeremy Raley officially succeeded Col. Eric Felt as head of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s space vehicles directorate and the AFRL Phillips Research Site during a change-of-command ceremony that took place Wednesday at Kirtland AF Base in New Mexico. AFRL said Friday that Raley assumed his dual-hatted role after serving as director of the strategic capabilities group within the U.S. Space Force’s Space Rapid Capabilities Office. “Raley’s credentials in science and technology are long-standing, attaining a doctorate early in his career and applying that knowledge as a bench-level scientist,” AFRL Commander Heather Pringle said. Read More

Fanuc UK Introduces Free Online Knowledge Hub

(AINonline) Factory automation company Fanuc UK unveiled its Aerospace Portal at the Farnborough International Airshow (Stand 1311), highlighting the company’s efforts to provide aerospace service and support to customers worldwide. The portal brings together Fanuc’s range of automated solutions for the aerospace industry into one centralized platform, featuring customer case studies, system integrator partners, technical specifications, and application-specific product portfolios. Fanuc aims to showcase the possibilities offered by its expertise, including boosting productivity, cutting costs, navigating industrywide labor shortages, and remaining competitive on the international stage. Read More

The House has cleared the way for Biden’s 4.6% pay raise plan

(FCW) The House on Wednesday voted 220-207 to pass the first minibus fiscal 2023 spending package, effectively endorsing President Biden’s plan to increase federal employees’ pay by an average of 4.6% next year. The minibus contains six of the 12 annual appropriations bills, including transportation, housing and urban development; agriculture and rural development; energy and water development; military construction and veterans affairs; and financial services and general government, the last of which serves as the vehicle for provisions impacting federal employee compensation. Read More

17 weird things the military might teach you

(MilitaryTimes) While many enlist in the U.S. military as a way to put off higher education in favor of having the government pay for it later, serving in its ranks is certainly a learning experience. You attend basic training or boot camp, then whatever MOS school, and after that, the training never seems to end. But what they won’t tell you in your recruiter’s office is the amount of informal education you’ll receive at the hands of Uncle Sam. Here are some of the strangest skills you might acquire from the military. 1. How to mop the rain Read More

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