NewsBrief: August 18, 2023

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Cost Estimating NewsBrief: August 18, 2023

How modern militaries are leveraging AI

(Atlantic Council) Machines are becoming ubiquitous across the twenty-first-century battlespace, and modern militaries must embrace human-machine teaming (HMT) or risk conceding military edge to competitors effectively leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy. This report investigates the implications of the increasing incorporation of AI into military operations with a particular focus on understanding the parameters, advantages, and challenges to the US Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) adoption of the concept of HMT. Read More

AFRL Information Directorate Unveils Facility for Developing Advanced Computing Technologies

(ExecutiveGov) The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate has unveiled a new facility in Rome, New York, focused on developing high-technology quantum computing capabilities for the warfighter. The Extreme Computing Facility features two laboratories for quantum computing, networking and security and two neuromorphic computing laboratories for cognitive machine learning research, AFRL said Monday. Michael Hayduk, deputy director of the AFRL Information Directorate, said the establishment of the state-of-the-art facility represents “a new era” for advancing the development, integration and deployment of next-generation computing technologies for the Department of the Air Force. Read More

Italian team wins Space Force’s first on-orbit Hack-A-Sat contest

(Breaking Defense) The annual Hack-A-Sat contest, sponsored by the Space Force and Air Force Research Laboratory to help improve the cybersecurity of Defense Department satellites, literally got real this year — with Italy’s mHACKeroni beating out five international teams of cyber researchers vying to take control of a live, in orbit satellite. “We are so proud of the entire Hack-A-Sat effort and particularly the development of Moonlighter as the first and only hacking sandbox in space,” said Col. Neal Roach, director of Engineering and Integration for Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power at Space Force’s Space Systems Command (SSC), in a press release today announcing the prize winners. Read More

Yes, you can measure software developer productivity

(McKinsey & Company) Compared with other critical business functions such as sales or customer operations, software development is perennially undermeasured. The long-held belief by many in tech is that it’s not possible to do it correctly—and that, in any case, only trained engineers are knowledgeable enough to assess the performance of their peers. Yet that status quo is no longer sustainable. Now that most companies are becoming (to one degree or another) software companies, regardless of industry, leaders need to know they are deploying their most valuable talent as successfully as possible. Read More

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