On the Shoulders of Giants: A Tribute to Prof. Barry W. Boehm

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On the Shoulders of Giants: A Tribute to Prof. Barry W. Boehm

Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics

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Prof. Barry Boehm’s life work is full of contributions to the software engineering and systems engineering disciplines. This article presents Prof. Barry Boehm’s work in the context of the giants on whose shoulders he stands as well as the people he has mentored to carry on his work. Much of Prof. Boehm’s work described in this article focuses on his key contributions to the software and system development industries, as well as from the perspective of the enduring legacy he has established with his industry affiliates and students.


Jo Ann Lane is the systems engineering Co-Director of the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering, leading research in the areas of software engineering, systems engineering, and system of systems engineering (SoSE). She received her PhD in systems engineering from the University of Southern California and her Master’s in computer science from San Diego State University.

Daniel D. Galorath is the President and CEO of Galorath Incorporated and the chief architect of SEER-SEM, an algorithmic project management software application. He is a recognized expert in the fields of software estimation and sizing and the author of Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management. He attended California State University where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate work. He graduated in 1980 with an MBA in management.

Ricardo Valerdi is an Associate Professor of Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is the inventor of the COSYSMO cost model and has over 100 publications in the areas of systems engineering and cost estimation. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.