Software Industry Goals for the Years 2014 through 2018

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Software Industry Goals for the Years 2014 through 2018

Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics

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This article discusses 20 quantitative targets for software engineering projects that are technically feasible to be achieved within a five year window. Some leading companies have already achieved many of these targets, but average and lagging companies have achieved only a few, if any. Software needs firm achievable goals expressed in quantitative fashion. For example the first goal is to remove 99.5% of bugs or defects before delivery rather than today’s average of below 90%. Inspections and static analysis prior to testing can achieve this goal for essentially every project.


Capers Jones is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Namcook Analytics has offices in Hingham, MA and Narragansett, RI. Capers Jones is the author of 15 books on software topics and one history book. His most recent software book is The Technical and Social History of Software Engineering, Addison Wesley, 2014. He has also published more than 100 journal articles.He is co-founder of Namcook Analytics LLC. Prior to founding Namcook he was pres-ident of Capers Jones & Associates LLC. He was also founder and chairman of Software Productivity Research LLC. Prior to founding his own companies Capers Jones was assistant director of programming at the ITT corporation and also a manager and research specialist at IBM.