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Chapter Meeting
Thursday, May 6, 2021
1:30pm EDT
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Mark your calendars for the next ICEAA Central Virginia Chapter Meeting! We will gather online again to catch the chapter up with some news and events, followed by:

Why Can’t We Estimate Better?
Sheila D. Dennis, CFPS

Presentation summary: For over 30 years I have been actively engaged in software estimation and it continues to be an ongoing problem for programmers, project managers, and senior level IT managers. Over the years I have seen ineffective cultures and clouded perspectives on estimation that affect our capabilities to estimate accurately and effectively.  Join us to explore some of these issues and what is needed to facilitate improvement!

Bio: Sheila Dennis is a recognized author, speaker, teacher and industry expert in the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) community.  She has been a CFPS (Certified Function Point Specialist) for over 20 years, a Certified Software Non-Functional Assessment Practitioner (CSP), and Past Chairman of the IFPUG Certification Committee.  She graduated from Columbia College with honors in mathematics, served the Department of Defense for over 20 years, retiring in 2004 to become an independent consultant for Gartner Group in function point analysis, benchmarking, estimation, cost analytics and metrics.  She became the Vice President of Sizing Practices and the PMO Director for DCG (David Consulting Group) Software Value, securing and performing client-facing engagements for Fortune 500 companies; state/federal government; and global industries in Mexico, India, Israel, Romania and France.  She is a contributing author to several software measurement books and numerous industry articles.

Past Meetings:

Chapter Meeting
Monday, November 2, 2020

Risk and Uncertainty Analysis Cost Estimating
With Guest Speaker Jim Sunderlin

This presentation will include a discussion of historical cost growth and its implications for risk and uncertainty analysis, common pitfalls to avoid in conducting it, its uses, the inputs based simulation risk and uncertainty analysis process, and a model demonstration.

2019 ICEAA Central Virginia Chapter Award Winners:

Chapter Junior Analyst Award: Catherine Dodsworth

In January 2019 Catherine Dodsworth’s love for learning and challenging opportunities inspired her to make a career change from quality assurance in the field of cellular biology to the exciting world of cost analysis. Since assuming responsibilities as a junior analyst supporting the Standard Missile- 3 Block IIA program at the Missile Defense Agency, Cat has proven herself to be an adept cost-professional. Cat led the validation of ~$40 million in estimated OGA costs planned for FY2 2020 and developed briefs for senior leadership to communicate the program office budget position and risks through the FYDP. Most notably she implemented her skills in data normalization and regression analysis garnered from her ongoing Master’s degree in Business Analytics. The results were used to develop parametric models in support of LCCE development and improvement, which ultimately set the Agency Cost Position for the President’s Budget requests. Cat has carved our a leadership role for herself withing MDA by serving, training, and educating other junior analyst on MDA programmatic procedures and best practices. At the chapter level, Cat volunteered and was elected to serve as Secretary on the ICEAA CVA Chapter Board of Directors (fiscal year 2020-2021). Cat’s drive for technical excellence, demonstrated desire to learn, and engagement efforts in the local cost community has earned her the 2019 ICEAA CVA Chapter Junior Analyst of the Year Award.

Chapter Service Award: Mark Thorsted

Mark Thorsted has committed to promoting a sense of community and collaboration among other analysts in the cost estimating field. Though not currently a member, Mark has directly contributed to the growth of the ICEAA CVA Chapter by operating as the primary point of contact in hosting and facilitating engagement with the V21 Cost Team. He has improved communication within the local community by enabling the Chapter to expand its outreach efforts and provide a venue for the local community to gather, train, and build technical acumen. Mark coordinates conference rooms, ensures security access requirements are met, and handles the technical/IT considerations for quarterly membership meetings. His service has facilitated an increase in membership for the ICEAA CVA Chapter from 24 to 35 members (45.8% growth). Mark’s long term commitment to connecting the local cost community has earned him the 2019 ICEAA CVA Chapter Service Award.

Technical Excellence Award: Katie Barbre

With less than two years of cost estimation experience, Katelyn Barbre stands apart from her peers through both her technical contributions and volunteerism in the national and local cost communities. During the ten month Virtual Pilot Ship (VPS) Tiger Team Study, Katelyn worked side by side with engineers and committed long hours in a fast-pace, ever-evolving 10-month effort. She built cost models and presented estimates to branch, division, department, CAPT, and TD levels and provided input to presentations that were briefed at IPRs, TIMs and other high-level reviews. Her dedication garnered her the respect of the technical and VPS teams. While balancing this ambitious workload, Katie took it upon herself to conduct an independent analysis of the impact of agile software development in DoD acquisition. She presented her controversial findings at the 2019 ICEAA Professional Development and Training Workshop in Tampa, Florida, to an audience of experts in the agile cost community. Her work, though provocative, was well-received and respected across international proponents of agile. Katelyn’s demonstrated technical excellence across both the international and local cost communities have earned her the 2019 ICEAA Central Virginia Chapter Technical Excellence Award.

2018 ICEAA Central Virginia Chapter Award Winners:

Technical Excellence Award: Gail Flynn

Gail is the lead cost analyst for Next Generation Handheld Targeting System (NGHTS – pronounced “nights” for the USMC).  In addition to leading a new cost estimate for NSWCDD V11, Gail has co-authored two published papers this in fiscal year 2018:  one as the lead author for a Work Space Management BCA NSWCDD technical report for NAVSEA 10. This BCA analyzed the costs and benefits of NAVSEA moving to a new program and process for work space management that would automate and streamline equipment moves for 74,000 NAVSEA employees.  For this work, she received a letter of appreciation from SEA 10.

Gail was also the co-author on an ICEAA research paper entitled, The Impact of Scope Changes on Software Growth.  Gail took this opportunity to increase her briefing skills and experience by presenting at major events in FY18: NGHTS Brief Out (O-6 level); the ICEAA Professional Development & Training Workshop, an international event in June 2018;the IT CAST meeting, a DoD and DoD-contractor focused event supported by NCCA and the NGA in August; , Cost Café (NSWCDD); and a V Department Tech brief (V Dept 8/30).  Each of these presentations honed Gail’s presentation skills, as evidenced by the letter of appreciation from the Director of NCCA, Ms. Wendy Kunc after the IT CAST.

Chapter Service Award: Yun Kim

Yun Kim has been a cost analyst for over nine years and has continued to work to promote a sense of community and collaboration among other analysts in the cost estimating field. Since helping restart the Central VA ICEAA Chapter, Yun has served as both Vice President and President, and worked to re-energize the chapter’s’ focus on the exchange of new ideas and advancements in cost analysis.   Thanks to his leadership and efforts, our chapter has grown to over 24 members.

Though currently not assigned in a leadership role, Yun has continued to focus efforts on engagement between other members in our industry by exploring new ideas and topics that can be shared and discussed during chapter meetings.  Additionally, he continues to endorse the certifications offered by ICEAA, and has made it a personal mission to help others obtain certification by helping proctor exams or assist others with studying the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK®).  Outside his commitments and dedication to ICEAA, Yun is a hardworking diverse analyst that consistently demonstrates high technical prowess, innovation, and creativity in the field of cost estimating.  His technical aptitude combined with a passion to engage others to create a sense of community warrant the Association Service Award.

Junior Analyst of the Year Award: Nicole Robertson

Nicole Robertson has been a cost analyst for just over one year, during which time she has assumed the responsibilities of acting functional cost lead for the Aegis Ashore program at the Missile Defense Agency. Her ability to effectively navigate a steep learning curve has garnered her a stellar reputation not only as a cost-professional but as a capable conceptual contributor at the programmatic-level. During her short tenure at MDA already she has trained two cost analysts (one of whom was her new lead) on all cost-related facets of the Aegis Ashore program.

Nicole has also carved a role for herself within the greater cost community by actively participating in ICEAA at both the international and local levels. She is the Secretary for the ICEAA Central Virginia Chapter, co-authored Robust Non-Design, Code, Test, and Integration Cost Estimating Ratios, a paper for the 2018 ICEAA Professional Development & Training Workshop, and conducted inflation training at that same workshop. Nicole’s drive for technical excellence, demonstrated desire to learn, and engagement efforts in the international cost theater have earned her the ICEAA Central VA Chapter Junior Analyst of the Year Award.