CEBoK 2.0 is coming soon!

ICEAA has been working hard for several years revising, renewing, and revamping our flagship product, the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge, known to the world as CEBoK®. Countless hours have been spent moving content from Version 1’s collection of PDFs, PowerPoints, and spreadsheets to a new and web-accessible online format. But we’re not done. A change this significant requires as many eyes as those hours to make sure we did it right.

All current ICEAA members will be able to access the CEBoK® 2.0 Beta for free via the ICEAA Portal at

We want to hear from you: what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing? While we collect your feedback, we will continue to work on the content to replace outdated information and examples, and reorganize the lessons to cluster the information that is used and useful in all situations, and separate those lessons used in specific countries to their own modules, making CEBoK®2.0 more valuable across industries and around the world.

Access to the CEBoK® 2.0 Beta is restricted to current ICEAA members only. To see what’s new and get a glimpse of what’s coming, log on to your ICEAA profile and check it out.

Please send your feedback using the form below: