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Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (CEBoK®) is ICEAA’s official training course material, conveniently available on a USB flash drive. CEBoK® is a user-friendly cost estimating and analysis training resource, with information organized into 16 interactive modules within five general subject areas, designed to cover all of the topics that represent the body of knowledge that ICEAA promotes and tests for in the CCEA® exam. The modules are designed to facilitate self-study and study in small groups, or can be used effectively in a classroom environment.

In Microsoft PowerPoint notes pages format (slide on top half, notes on bottom), the notes explain the bullets, equations, charts, graphs or other features on each slide. In slide view format, each module contains links to other modules for quick review of past topics or exploration of related topics, as well as interactive links to a glossary and student workbook (in Excel format), wherein the learner can automatically tie into an associated practice problem for instant feedback and reinforcement. Other features of benefit to the student are callouts (to call attention to important details), banner boxes (to make a main point on a slide), tips (helpful insights gained from experience), warnings (cautions against common errors), Excel-specific tips, definitions and alternate terms, and citations (the source of specific material). Each module concludes with a summary and a listing of associated resources for further study, and several modules contain treatment of advanced topics that go beyond the core material of the module.

Whether you’re just entering the Cost Estimating/Analysis profession, are planning to take the Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCEA®) exam or are simply looking to upgrade your skills, CEBoK® is a “must have” addition to your reference library.

The Most Comprehensive Material

Download the detailed CEBoK® Syllabus

Section 1: Cost Estimating

  • Cost Estimating Basics: introduction, overview, cost products, cost estimating process
  • Costing Techniques: using costing techniques, comparison of techniques
  • Parametric Estimating: basics of parametrics, parametric estimating process

Section 2: Cost Analysis Techniques

  • Data Collection and Normalization: importance of data, key principles, collection  considerations, collection process, collection techniques, sources, normalization.
  • Inflation and Index Numbers: inflation and cost estimating, concepts and definitions, indices, tables and escalation procedures

Section 3: Analytical Methods

  • Basic Data Analysis Principles: types of data, univariate data analysis, scatter plots, data validation, visual display of information
  • Learning Curve: theory, application, advanced topics
  • Regression Analysis: bivariate data analysis, regression models, preliminary concepts, linear regression, non-linear models, selecting models
  • Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis: types of risk, risk modeling, risk management, cost growth analysis, schedule risk analysis
  • Probability and Statistics: measures, probability distributions, Monte Carlo Simulation considerations, process, and techniques, sources, and normalization

Section 4: Specialized Costing

  • Manufacturing Cost Estimating: process overview, functional cost elements, labor and material estimating, issues
  • Software Cost Estimating: software development process, approaches, drivers, estimating techniques, challenges, data collection, models

Section 5: Management Applications

  • Economic Analysis: principles, process, special cases
  • Contract Pricing: process, types, Basis of Estimate (BOE) documentation, standards
  • Earned Value Management: EVM components, analysis, risk management integration, rules of thumb, tools
  •  Cost Management: Total Ownership Cost (TOC), Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV), target costing, Activity-Based Costing (ABC), initiatives and costestimating

Whether you are a seasoned analyst looking to refresh your skills and/or take the Certified Cost Estimator/ Analyst examination or an intern, newly introduced to the field of cost estimating and analysis, the CEBOK® modules are intended to provide you with the one concise and all-inclusive collection of study materials that will help you attain your professional education goals.

System Requirements:

~ Microsoft Excel 2000 or later.
~ CEBoK® is not an application and therefore requires no installation.
~ CEBoK® is a Microsoft Excel macro based tool

CEBoK® Pricing

Individual Copies:

  • Individual license for single copy of software: $235 for ICEAA members and $335 for non-members. A $5.00 shipping charge is included in the price.
  • Groups looking to order between 6 and 9 CEBoK® licenses will be granted a bulk discount of $195 per license (price includes shipping)

Defined Quantity Licenses:

  • For orders of 10 or more licenses, groups may enter into a Defined Quantity License agreement with ICEAA.
  • ICEAA will supply two copies of the CEBoK® training materials: one master and one backup copy.
  • The Defined Quantity License is for current release (version 1.2) of CEBoK® and entitles the licensee to future maintenance releases at no charge. Maintenance releases will be indicated with the same version number but different secondary number (e.g., “version 1.x”). This license does not entitle the licensee to future version releases (e.g., “version 2.1”).
  • Contact ICEAA to discuss your Defined Quantity License.

Log in to the ICEAA Portal to purchase online or download the CEBoK® Order Form.

Shipping Information:

CEBoK® shipping is included in the license price. Your order will ship within 3 business days.

Contact ICEAA to request shipping via a tracked service such as UPS or FedEx. ICEAA will apply the shipping rate to your purchase.

Instruction Licenses:

CEBoK® is copyrighted by ICEAA. Instructors wishing to make use of CEBoK® material in fee-based instructional courses must acquire a CEBoK® Instruction License for the annual fee of $3,000 prior to conduct of the training. All students attending training must be covered by a CEBoK® license.

Contact for information on instruction licenses.

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