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Browse the professional papers and the training sessions that will be presented at the 2014 ICEAA Professional Development & Training Workshop.

To view the entire schedule, download here (PDF).

Information on and bios for all of our presenters is available on the speaker page.

Keynote Speakers

GravelleCraig Gravelle
Senior Director of Business Development
Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems
Tuesday, June 10 – 8:30am

Craig Gravelle is Senior Director, Advanced Development for Sierra Nevada Space Systems and is responsible for identifying and developing new markets and applications for the Dream Chaser commercial crew space system. Prior to this assignment, he led SNC’s Space Exploration Systems and Spacecraft business development activities. Craig has worked in the aerospace industry for over 30 years almost entirely supporting advanced spacecraft development activities. He has held executive and senior leadership positions with General Dynamics, Spectrum Astro, and Lockheed Martin. He also founded and sold a successful small business focused on developing special airborne and space-based RF sensor systems. Craig graduated from the University of Michigan’s Aerospace Engineering program.


GassMichael Gass
President and CEO
United Launch Alliance
Wednesday, June 11 – 8:30am

Michael Gass, president and chief executive officer for United Launch Alliance, leads the nation’s premier launch service provider of the Delta and Atlas products. During his 37-year career, he was involved with satellite, missile, aircraft and launch vehicle aerospace programs. He has held leadership positions in program management and production operations, and previously served as vice president and general manager of Space Transportation for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, responsible for the Atlas, Titan and Advanced Space Transportation product lines.


SeemanBill Seeman
Division Chief, Space Programs
Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
Thursday, June 12 – 8:30am

Bill Seeman is the Division Chief for space program cost estimating at the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency. He has also worked as a cost chief or analyst at the Missile Defense Agency and NAVAIR. In total, Mr. Seeman has 28 years of cost experience. Mr. Seeman has a BS in Mathematics from the Virginia Tech and a MBA from the University of Tennessee. He is also certified by ICEAA as a Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst.


Professional Papers

Professional papers enable attendees to gather valuable insights into cost estimating with topics covering innovations, tools, contemporary issues and solutions. Also, attendees will be able to meet the presenters and ask questions from authors that are chronicling some of the hottest topics in the cost community.  Professional papers cover a wide variety of topics that are organized into the following tracks: 

Cost ManagementAchieving Affordable Programs NRO Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG) Support of Cost Driver IdentificationLinda Williams8:45-9:30Friday, June 13
Cost ManagementA New Cost Management Policy for Your Organization: An Integrated Approach?Tom Dauber10:30-11:15Friday, June 13
Cost ManagementA Balanced Approach to Meeting Fiscal ConstraintsSteve Green1:00-1:45Wednesday, June 11
Cost ManagementGödel’s Impact on Hilbert’s Problems Or Cost Consistency and Completeness as an Impossible ExerciseDavid Peeler9:45-10:30Friday, June 13
Cost ManagementCost Overruns and Cost Growth: A Three-Decades-Old Cost Performance Issue Within DoD's Acquisition EnvironmentLeone Young3:00-3:45Wednesday, June 11
Cost ManagementInnovative Business Agreements and Related Cost & Pricing Methods at NASA in Support of New Commercial ProgramsJames Roberts3:00-3:45Thursday, June 12
Cost ManagementIntelligence Mission Data Cost Methodology GuidebookEugene Cullen III8:00-8:45Friday, June 13
Cost ManagementThe Other RCA: Restaurant Cost AnalysisPeter Braxton3:45-4:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost ManagementSupplier Cost/Price Analyses – Best Practices for evaluating supplier proposals and quotesDavid Eck3:45-4:30Thursday, June 12
Earned Value ManagementDesign to Cost: Misunderstood and MisappliedErin Barkel10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
Earned Value ManagementDon't Let EVM Data Mislead YouSteve Sheamer10:45-11:30Thursday, June 12
Earned Value ManagementA Cure For Unanticipated Cost and Schedule GrowthThomas Coonce8:45-9:30Friday, June 13
Earned Value ManagementUnleashing the Power of MS Excel as an EVM Analysis ToolAllen Gaudelli9:45-10:30Friday, June 13
Earned Value ManagementTrust but Verify – An Improved Estimating Technique Using the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)Eric Lofgren8:00-8:45Friday, June 13
Earned Value ManagementBig Data Meets Earned Value ManagementGlen Alleman10:30-11:15Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyAn Update to the Use of Function Points in Earned Value Management for Software DevelopmentMichael Thompson3:00-3:45Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyEstimating Cloud Computing Costs: Practical Questions for ProgramsKathryn Connor3:45-4:30Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyThe Agile PM Tool: The Trifecta for Managing Cost, Schedule, and ScopeBlaze Smallwood1:00-1:45Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyEstimating Hardware Storage CostsJenny Woolley10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
Information TechnologyMobile Applications, Functional Analysis and Cost EstimationTammy Preuss1:45-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyOptimizing Total Cost of Ownership for Best Value IT Solutions: A Case Study using Parametric Models for Estimates of Alternative IT Architectures and Operational ApproachesDenton Tarbet3:45-4:30Thursday, June 12
Information TechnologySoftware Maintenance: Recommendations for Estimating and Data CollectionShelley Dickson9:45-10:30Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyLessons Learned from the ISBSG DatabaseArlene Minkiewicz1:00-1:45Thursday, June 12
Information TechnologyRelating Cost to Performance: The Performance-Based Cost ModelMichael Jeffers10:45-11:30Thursday, June 12
Information TechnologyTesting Benford's Law with Software Code CountsChuck Knight10:00-10:45Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyHow I Continued to Stop Worrying and Love Software Resource Data ReportsNicholas Lanham8:00-8:45Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyIn Pursuit of the One True Software Resource Data Reporting (SRDR) DatabaseZachary McGregor-Dorsey10:30-11:15Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyCosts of Migration and Operation in the CloudArlene Minkiewicz8:45-9:30Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyImproved Method for Estimating Software Effort and ScheduleWilson Rosa10:45-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Information TechnologyThe Federal IT Dashboard: Potential Application for IT Cost & Schedule AnalysisDaniel Harper3:00-3:45Thursday, June 12
Life Cycle CostingIntegrating Sustainability into Weapon System Acquisition within the Department of Defense (DoD)Walt Cooper1:00-1:45Thursday, June 12
Life Cycle CostingGround Vehicle Reliability Analysis Using the Mean Cumulative FunctionCaleb Fleming10:45-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Life Cycle CostingCost Analysis & Optimization of Repair Concepts Using Marginal AnalysisJustin Woulfe1:45-2:30Thursday, June 12
Life Cycle CostingSystem Utilization: An Indepth Method of Modeling and Measuring Military Manpower CostsOmar Mahmoud10:45-11:30Thursday, June 12
Life Cycle CostingWhich Escalation Rate Should I Use?Nathan Honsowetz10:00-10:45Wednesday, June 11
Life Cycle CostingCost Overruns and Their Precursors: An Empirical Examination of Major Department of Defense Acquisition ProgramsAlan Gideon10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsWeibull Analysis MethodErik Burgess1:45-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Methods & ModelsCost and Performance Trades and Cost-Benefits AnalysisSteven Ikeler10:45-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Methods & ModelsMeet the Overlapping Coefficient: A Measure for Elevator SpeechesBrent Larson3:00-3:45Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsThe Role of Cost Estimating in Source SelectionAnnette Barlia9:45-10:30Friday, June 13
Methods & ModelsExcel Based Cost Roll Up MethodMatthew Leezer3:45-4:30Thursday, June 12
Cost ManagementRight Sizing Earned Value Management for Your ProjectGordon Kranz1:45-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Methods & ModelsLessons Learned from Estimating Non-Standard Equipment Returning from Overseas OperationsMichael Metcalf1:00-1:45Wednesday, June 11
Methods & ModelsValidation and Improvement of the Rayleigh Curve MethodMichael Mender10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsStudy of Cost Estimating Methodology of Engineering DevelopmentMyung-Yul Lee10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsKill Vehicle Work Breakdown StructureJennifer Tarin1:45-2:30Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsRotorcraft Cost Model Enhancements For Future Concepts F. Gurney Thompson III1:00-1:45Thursday, June 12
Methods & ModelsMilitary Construction Cost EstimatingNicole Barmettler10:00-10:45Wednesday, June 11
ParametricsImproving the Accuracy of Cost Estimating Relationship (CER) for Software SystemsDavid Wang10:30-11:15Friday, June 13
ParametricsESA Project Office Cost ModelHerve Joumier3:00-3:45Thursday, June 12
ParametricsMoving Beyond Technical Parameters in our CERsEric Druker1:00-1:45Wednesday, June 11
ParametricsTactical Vehicle Cons & Reps Cost Estimating Relationship (CER) ToolCassandra Capots3:45-4:30Wednesday, June 11
ParametricsBuilding a Complex Hardware Cost Model for AntennasDavid Bloom1:45-2:30Thursday, June 12
ParametricsLinking Parametric Estimates to Program Management Artifacts (LPEPM)Mike Smith8:45-9:30Friday, June 13
ParametricsUsing Dummy Variables in CER DevelopmentShu-Ping Hu1:45-2:30Wednesday, June 11
ParametricsUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Database and Parametric Model ResearchBruce Parker3:00-3:45Wednesday, June 11
ParametricsHybrid Parametric Estimation for Greater AccuracyWilliam Roetzheim8:00-8:45Friday, June 13
ParametricsBayesian Parametrics: Developing a CER with Limited Data and Even Without DataChristian Smart1:00-1:45Thursday, June 12
ParametricsImpact of Full Funding on Cost Improvement Rate: A Parametric AssessmentBrianne Wong9:45-10:30Friday, June 13
ParametricsDeveloping R&D and Mass Production Cost Estimating Methodologies for Korean Maneuver Weapon SystemDoo Hyun Lee3:45-4:30Thursday, June 12
RiskQuantifying the Necessity of Risk Mitigation StrategiesJames Northington1:45-2:30Wednesday, June 11
RiskAffordability Engineering for Better Alternative Selection and Risk ReductionMarlena McWilliams8:00-8:45Friday, June 13
RiskRisk Adjusted Inflation IndicesJames Black3:45-4:30Wednesday, June 11
RiskImproved Decision Making with Sensitivity AnalysisBlake Boswell8:45-9:30Friday, June 13
RiskUsing Bayesian Belief Networks with Monte Carlo Simulation ModelingMarina Dombrovskaya10:45-11:30Wednesday, June 11
RiskCritique of Cost-Risk Analysis and Frankenstein Spacecraft Designs: A Proposed SolutionMohamed Elghefari3:00-3:45Wednesday, June 11
RiskExcel Based Schedule Risk and Cost EstimatesWilliam Evans1:00-1:45Wednesday, June 11
RiskExpert Elicitation of a Maximum Duration Using Risk Scenarios Marc Greenberg10:00-10:45Wednesday, June 11
SpaceNASA’s Phasing Estimating RelationshipsChad Krause10:45-11:30Wednesday, June 11
SpaceNASA JCL: Process and LessonsSteve Wilson1:45-2:30Thursday, June 12
SpaceDeveloping Space Vehicle Hardware Nonrecurring Cost Estimating Relationships at the NRO CAAGRyan Timm1:00-1:45Thursday, June 12
SpaceNASA Instrument Cost Model (NICM)Hamid Habib-Agahi10:00-10:45Thursday, June 12
SpaceA Next Generation Software Cost ModelJairus Hihn10:00-10:45Wednesday, June 11
SpaceThe NASA Project Cost Estimating CapabilityAndy Prince10:45-11:30Thursday, June 12
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingNPS and AFIT Masters Degree in Cost Estimating and AnalysisDaniel Nussbaum9:15-10:00Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingBOE Development: Scope Evaluation and CriteriaMichael Butterworth11:45-12:30Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingA Comprehensive CES and BCA Approach for Lifelong LearningKevin Cincotta10:00-10:45Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingLong Term Affordability through Knowledge Based Bid & ProposalZachary Jasnoff11:00-11:45Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingWhat Happens to a Cost Estimate When It’s Done? William Barfield2:45-3:00Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingUpdate On The Cost FACTS (Factors, Analogies, CER’s & Tools/Studies) Group – Enhancing KM By Leveraging Enterprise Social NetworkingDaniel Harper4:30-5:15Tuesday, June 10
The Business and Art of Cost EstimatingSpace Shuttle Cost Analysis: A Success Story?Humboldt Mandell3:45-4:30Tuesday, June 10
Methods & ModelsAutomated Costing to Identify Opportunities to Reduce Direct Material SpendJulie Driscoll10:30 - 11:15Friday, June 13
Information TechnologyTrends in Enterprise Software Pricing from 2002 to 2011Ian Anderson3:45 - 4:30Wednesday, June 11

Training Sessions

The training sessions provide instruction and application for those new to the profession, and for those who want to refresh their skills at both the basic and advanced levels. The sessions provide a firm basis for more advanced study and prepares the individual to readily benefit from on-the-job training. The training sessions are divided into the following tracks:

  • Cost Estimating Basics (CEB) – Covers most of the Core Knowledge sections of 12 of the 16 modules of CEBoK (Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge training software) and is taught in many cases by those who helped create and review the materials, and is intended to help prepare attendees for the CCEA exam and certification.
  • Cost Estimating Advanced (CEA) – Builds on the fundamental skills of the CEB track. CEA uses advanced material from CEBoK, the Parametric Estimating Handbook (PEH), and industry experts
  • Parametric Training (PT) – Features many luminaries in the field, and goes into more depth on many essential topics and focuses on practitioners who are doing estimates and implementing cost and risk analysis on a day-to-day basis. Six of the primary chapters of the PEH are covered in this track.
  • Integration (INT) – Encompasses related fields such as Risk Analysis, Earned Value Management (EVM), Schedule Analysis, and Software and appeals to a wide range of attendees on a topic-by-topic basis.
Cost Estimating BasicsCost Estimating Overview / BasicsChris Dalton, MITRE
David Bach, Quantech Services, Inc.
9:15-10:45Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic Probability and StatisticsTimothy Anderson, Aerospace11:00-12:30Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating BasicsCost Estimating TechniquesSam Toas, TASC
Christina Snyder, MCR, Inc.
2:00-3:30Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating BasicsData Collection and NormalizationJeffrey Locke, Lockheed Martin Company
Joseph Sarage, Booz Allen Hamilton
3:45-5:15Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic Cost RiskEric Druker, Booz Allen Hamilton
Greg Hogan, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
10:00-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic Data Analysis PrinciplesMelissa Winter, PRICE Systems
Joe Bauer, PRICE Systems
1:00-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating BasicsLearning Curve AnalysisRemmie Arnold, Technomics, Inc.
Michael Gonzales, Lockheed Martin Company
3:00-4:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating BasicsInflation and Index NumbersNeil Chakrabarti, Booz Allen Hamilton
Blaze Smallwood, Booz Allen Hamilton
10:00-11:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic Economic AnalysisTucker Moore, TASC
Blaze Smallwood, Booz Allen Hamilton
1:00-2:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic Software Cost EstimatingMichael Metcalf, Technomics, Inc.
Harold Van Heeringen, Sogeti
3:00-4:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating BasicsBasic EVMMichael Nosbisch, PT&C
Emily Foglia, Technomics, Inc.
8:00-9:30Friday, June 13
Cost Estimating BasicsContract PricingMarie Colitti, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division9:45-11:15Friday, June 13
Cost Estimating AdvancedAIS: Cost Estimating Methods and MetricsWilson Rosa, DHS9:15-10:45Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating AdvancedDevelopment of Work Breakdown StructuresNeil Albert, MCR, Inc.11:00-12:30Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating AdvancedMonte Carlo SimulationEric Druker, Booz Allen Hamilton
Blake Boswell, Booz Allen Hamilton
2:00-3:30Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating AdvancedManufacturing Cost EstimatingJohn Deem, Lockheed Martin
Chuck Kurtz, BAE
3:45-5:15Tuesday, June 10
Cost Estimating AdvancedCost and Software Data ReportsJames Parnham, Technomics, Inc.10:00-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating AdvancedProbability Distributions for RiskPeter Braxton, Technomics, Inc.1:00-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating AdvancedTechnical BaselinesJason Dechoretz, MCR, Inc.
Greg Hogan, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
Sam Toas, TASC
3:00-4:30Wednesday, June 11
Cost Estimating AdvancedAdvanced Cost RiskGreg Hogan, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
Linda Nichols, Noblis
10:00-11:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating AdvancedAdvanced Probability and StatisticsZachary Strider McGregor-Dorsey, Technomics, Inc.
Carolyn Smith, QuantiTech
1:00-2:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating AdvancedAdvanced Economic AnalysisJoe Hamaker, The Millennium Group
Virginia Stouffer, LMI
3:00-4:30Thursday, June 12
Cost Estimating AdvancedAdvanced SW Cost EstimatingHarold Van Heeringen, Sogeti
Bob Hunt, Galorath
8:00-9:30Friday, June 13
Parametric TrainingParametric Analysis OverviewJason Dechoretz, MCR, Inc.
Rick Garcia, MCR, Inc.
9:15-10:45Tuesday, June 10
Parametric TrainingCost Estimating Relationships (CERs)Cassie Capots, Technomics, Inc.
Kyle Thomas, TASC
11:00-12:30Tuesday, June 10
Parametric TrainingLinear RegressionPeter Braxton, Technomics, Inc.
Stacy Dean, Boeing Company
2:00-3:30Tuesday, June 10
Parametric TrainingOther Uses of ParametricsDavid Eck, Dixon Hughes Goodman3:45-5:15Tuesday, June 10
Parametric TrainingMultivariate RegressionKevin Cincotta, ICF International
David Harris, Booz Allen Hamilton
10:00-11:30Wednesday, June 11
Parametric TrainingMultiplicative-Error RegressionHervé Joumier, ESA1:00-2:30Wednesday, June 11
Parametric TrainingCER Risk and S-CurvesChristian Smart, Missile Defense Agency
Marc Greenberg, NASA
3:00-4:30Wednesday, June 11
Parametric TrainingComplex Hardware ModelsGreg Kiviat, Sikorsky
David Bloom, Raytheon
8:00-9:30Friday, June 13
Parametric TrainingGovernment ComplianceJoyce Friedland, Defense Contract Audit Agency9:45-11:15Friday, June 13
IntegrationBasic Schedule AnalysisJustin Hornback, Reed Integration, Inc.
Jim Peoples, Booz Allen Hamilton
9:15-10:45Tuesday, June 10
IntegrationAdvanced Schedule AnalysisDavid Hulett, Hulett and Associates11:00-12:30Tuesday, June 10
IntegrationCost ManagementTom Dauber, Booz Allen Hamilton
John Deem, Lockheed Martin Company
2:00-3:30Tuesday, June 10
IntegrationCost Estimating in PMBoK vs. CEBoKKevin Cincotta, ICF International
Ashlin Smith, Technomics, Inc.
3:45-5:15Tuesday, June 10
IntegrationTarget Costing ImplementationJohn Deem, Lockheed Martin Company
Tom Dauber, Booz Allen Hamilton
10:00-11:30Wednesday, June 11
IntegrationSource SelectionMarie Colitti, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
Christina Brims, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
1:00-2:30Wednesday, June 11
IntegrationIntegrated Baseline Review (IBR)Tim Fritz, AzTech International, LLC
Luis Contreras, AzTech International, LLC
3:00-4:30Wednesday, June 11
IntegrationSchedule Risk AnalysisDavid Hulett, Hulett and Associates10:00-11:30Thursday, June 12
IntegrationIntegrated Cost/Schedule Risk AnalysisEric Druker, Booz Allen Hamilton
David Hulett, Hulett and Associates
1:00-2:30Thursday, June 12
IntegrationContracts RiskPeter Braxton, Technomics, Inc.
James Linick, BCF Solutions, Inc.
3:00-4:30Thursday, June 12
IntegrationAdvanced EVMLuis Contreras, AzTech International, LLC
Tim Fritz, AzTech International, LLC
9:45-11:15Friday, June 13