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Building an Analysis Schedule – Lessons Learned from the SGSS Program

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Constructing an integrated cost and schedule uncertainty model involves bringing together important program elements: cost, risk, and schedule. The model’s core is the schedule; the linking of costs and risks to the schedule is what allows the implementation of time-dependent costs and, ultimately, an analysis that jointly considers cost and schedule. It follows, then, that one of the first, and often largest, difficulties in constructing an integrated cost and schedule model is the development of the schedule backbone.
Modern program master schedules (e.g., Integrated Master Schedules-IMS) are typically massive and labyrinthine. This presentation covers an approach for developing an analysis schedule that is directly informed by an IMS, but is not purely derived from summation of the activities. This highlights a key enable in that an analysis schedule does not need to be a rote summarization of the IMS. This presentation will cover the key attributes of an analysis schedule and how it can be constructed from high-level knowledge of program work flows and other available data.


Brian A. Welsh
Technomics, Inc.
Mr. Brian A. Welsh works for Technomics, Inc. in Arlington, VA. Mr. Welsh has over 7 years of experience in the cost analysis arena working on projects for the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA and the Intelligence Community. His current work focuses on developing learning curves of spacecraft for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency. Mr. Welsh is also developing an acquisition cost database of Unmanned Aerial Systems and performing cost research for the Navy’s Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Cost database. He has also worked on Government Accountability Office engagements of FAA NextGen systems and Navy Ballistic Missile Defense cost estimates. Prior to joining Technomics he worked for TASC, Inc. While at TASC Mr. Welsh was a manager of cost and financial analysis programs supporting the IC. Mr. Welsh is a Certified Cost Estimator Analyst (CCE/A), has a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Master of Science from George Mason University in Operations Research.

James L York
Technomics, Inc.
Mr. York is a Senior Cost Analyst with over 30 years experience in system cost analysis and system acquisition, with the Department of Navy and DOD support contractors. As a contract manager and lead analyst, Mr. York plans, directs and performs contract tasks, monitors progress, reports to the client, establishes task budgets and adjusts resources to resolve technical problems, and performs technical and contract cost reporting.