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Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE) Assessments

Life Cycle Cost Track 



This presentation summarizes a scorecard tool and criteria that are used to conduct assessments. The criteria, which are based on the GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide, include four characteristics, which are further broken in to 13 criteria and 75 sub-criteria. Lessons learned, and key findings are presented as examples of LCCE characteristics associated with both positive and negative evaluation outcomes.
The presentation is of interest to government and contractor cost estimators, as well as anyone from the cost community wishing to leverage best practices and tools related to life cycle cost assessment. Participants with cost assessment experience are encouraged to share their experiences and lessons learned.


Casey D. Trail
Technomics, Inc.
Casey Trail is a Cost Analyst at Technomics, Inc. in Arlington Virginia. Since joining Technomics in May 2012 Casey has supported the Department of Homeland Security’s Cost Estimating & Analysis Center of Excellence. Prior to working at Technomics Casey served as a Graduate Assistant in the Information Science and Technology Division of the Applied Research Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University.
Dr. Trail holds a BS in Mathematics from Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio an MS in Mathematics from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and a dual PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania.

David H. Brown
Technomics, Inc.
David Brown is a Senior Cost Analyst at Technomics. His primary areas of expertise are IT life cycle cost estimating and analysis, economic analysis, cost assessment, database development and management, and acquisition program management. Since joining Technomics in May, 2010, Mr. Brown has developed cost estimates for clients within the Government Accountability Office and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He is currently supporting the DHS Cost Estimating & Analysis Center of Excellence.
Mr. Brown is a SCEA-Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (C/CEA). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Policy with concentrations in Economics and Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Colleen Craig
Technomics, Inc.
Ms. Craig is a certified cost analyst at Technomics, Inc. with experience in cost analysis, operations research and systems engineering. In her time at Technomics, she has supported the Department of Homeland Security’s Cost Estimating & Analysis Center of Excellence (CE&A COE), OSD Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA), and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army-Cost & Economics (DASA-CE). For these customers, she has supported the development of cost-related training, life cycle cost estimates, discrete event simulations, earned value analysis, policy development, and the development of technical baseline documents. Application areas include IT systems and defense weapon systems (space systems, missiles, munitions and aircraft).
Ms. Craig is a Professional Cost Estimator/Analyst (PCEA). She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.