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Measuring and Managing Organizational Performance in the Government

Earned Value Management Track



In this presentation, the author details the challenges that government agencies face when attempting to measure organizational performance and presents a general methodology for successfully implementing a robust performance measurement program.

The majority of government agencies do not operate like private industry and face unique challenges when defining meaningful metrics and collecting performance data.   If carefully approached, however, government organizations can establish a process for collecting and analyzing data that can provide valuable insight into the following areas: finance, customer service, internal efficiency, and human capital. With careful planning, even a simple, high-level performance metric process can enable agencies to detect areas in need of process improvement and help identify ways to save the agency and the taxpayer money.

This presentation highlights the lessons learned from implementing a performance measurement program for a government organization.   The author will address how to define and measure metrics, how to interpret and analyze the resulting data, and how to apply this new insight in a way that drives organizational change. The author will also highlight the key differences between government and private industry which require a creative approach to ensure the implementation of a successful program.


Kellie Scarbrough
Cobec Consulting
Kellie is a consultant with Cobec Consulting. She has over five years of experience working for the US Army and General Services Administration as an operations research analyst. While working for Army HQ she assisted in cost estimating, civilian rate development, statistical analysis, and validating cost benefit analyses. At GSA, Kellie served as the subject matter expert in statistics and provided analysis for her organization. She also played a key role in establishing and implementing a performance management program for GSA’s Integrated Technology Services. Currently, Kellie supports the FAA’s Data Communications program.
Kellie has a BA in Applied Mathematics, a BA in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, and lives in the Washington, DC area.