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Cost Estimation and Earned Value Integration

Earned Value Management Track



Traditionally, cost estimators and earned value analysts work separately from one another, focusing on their own individual discipline. We have found synergies by merging these disciplines together resulting in stronger analysis through improved methods, more robust data sets, and new tools. The benefits of cost estimating (CE) and earned value (EV) management integration are realized throughout the acquisition lifecycle and enhance senior leadership decision making and improve acquisition outcomes. This paper presents the proven benefits of CE/EV integration, including more accurate cost estimates, cost estimating relationships, improved program management support, and cross program assessments. We provide the suggested “touch points” between the two capabilities and how they can be enhanced by the other team’s capabilities, tools, and skills, so that analysts can establish and defend more reliable budgets and provide improved compliance and surveillance reviews. Overall, this paper describes how CE and EV teams can increase their functional depth in risk, cost, schedule and technical (scope) analyses.


Sissy Gregg
Booz Allen Hamilton
Sissy Gregg is performing an integration role between Earned Value Management and Cost Estimation supporting the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG). Ms. Gregg has nine years of experience in cost analysis to include estimating ground systems to support space borne reconnaissance, weapon system acquisition, operations research, and financial management. She has managed budgets and finances, provided system and program level health analysis, prepared earned value management reports, and conducted cost analyses to support decision making within the Air Force, Intelligence and Government agencies, and Department of Defense programs. She is knowledgeable in a multitude of topics such as life cycle cost estimating, earned value management, business process reengineering, cost risk analysis and cost model development. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Ms. Gregg supported other Defense industry contractors performing as a deputy to Program Mangers in their absence.

Michelle Ehlinger
Booz Allen Hamilton
Currently, Michelle Ehlinger is a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. She has been at the NRO Cost and Acquisition Assessment Group (CAAG) for 3 years working on SW and ground system estimates, data collects and normalizations, and architecture and O&M drills. Michelle graduated from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in mathematics and a B.S. in statistics. Michelle has passed bot parts of the ICEAA exam; she is currently a PCEA and will become a CCEA upon attaining 5 years of cost experience.