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EDGARS CB – A New Memory Tool for Costers

Methods and Models II Track



Are you befuddled by what it takes to do a cost estimate? What kind of information is used and when is it needed so that a defendable cost and benefits estimate can be provided to the investment decision authority? Since beginners and professionals alike rely on tricks-of-the-trade to help get their job done, a new and easy memory aid is presented.

EDGARS-CB is a mnemonic that helps cost and benefit analysts recall the kinds and sequence of information needed to develop their estimate. It is useful for recalling who should be giving you information and for phasing your work. Use it for quickly explaining the cost process to program managers, customers, peers, and mentored novices. Whether the investment decision is about computer systems, weapons platforms, or software, and regardless if the estimate methodology is engineering build up, analogy, or parametric, EDGARS-CB applies. Each letter represents a group of high-level but essential elements of a cost estimate and the order in which that information is needed.

These elements will be thoroughly described as well as cross-referenced to several CBoK modules for further in-depth reading. EDGARS CB makes sense for assisting developing cost estimates and is easy to remember.


William Barfield
Quantech Services
Bill has several decades working in basic R&D, information systems, and defense acquisition for Federal and corporate clients. An Air Force veteran in electronics maintenance management and a research scientist in Navy underwater acoustics, he is also experienced in software development and in providing software cost estimation for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, OSD/Health Affairs, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Missile Defense Agency, and Federal Aviation Administration. Bill has a Master of Science in Technology Management from University of Maryland University College, a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Old Dominion University, and is SCEA certified. He is a volunteer leader in his community, plays a lot of soccer, grows a good garden, and encourages his two sons in their sports and his daughter who finished her PhD (yea!).