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One NASA Cost Engineering (ONCE)

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This presentation is the first roll out of NASA’s ONCE (One NASA Cost Engineering) database to the SCEA/ISPA community. Concept and early prototyping of the One NASA Cost Engineering (ONCE) database began several years ago and it has been developed to fully automate the CADRe data in a GUI database allowing for easy search and retrieval of data for the cost community. By automating the retrieval of CADRe data this tool is greatly improving the space cost community’s ability quickly acquire the data needed to improve the quality and credibility of these cost estimates.

This roll out presentation will fully introduce the SCEA cost community on all the features available. Users are able to search, view, and download the CADRe information by project across numerous technical, programmatic selectable Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements. A large portion of the presentation will be devoted to detailing the user friendly search features which leverage all the capabilities of this database. For example there are 2 primary search techniques used to extract CADRe data. The first is a simple terminology search. By entering a simple string such as “propulsion” a user can see where in all CADRe Parts A, B, and C where data exists across all CADRes. This search is helpful if a user does not have a specific target of data and is mostly browsing to learn about an unfamiliar item. The second search technique is a structured “smart search” where the user can select from available parameters including missions, technical parameters, and WBS cost elements to pull a very specific targeted set of data for specific missions. When the dataset is returned to the user, filters can be used to further refine the data to isolate exactly what is needed. This presentation will be packed with background information, helpful screen shots, example searches, and detailed instructions on how to use and gain access to the database.

ONCE uses Active Server Pages utilizing the .NET framework (.aspx) as the principle language, integrated with a Microsoft SQL 2008 database.


Eric Plumer
NASA HQs Cost Analysis Division
As a Cost Analyst for 16 years, Eric Plumer directs and manages NASA’s Cost Analysis Data Requirements (CADRe) program within the Office of Cost Evaluation at NASA HQs. As the lead for CADRe, he is responsible for planning, prioritizing, funding, and directing, supporting data collection, and review and approval on dozens of CADRe events for both on-going and historical flight projects at NASA. He is also the lead for the ONCE Database that is now operational and performs full storage, search, and analysis tools for all CADRe data. In addition Eric provides program analysis on various NASA project as an agency expert to ensure programmatic cost and schedule risks are analyzed to ensure success in meeting mission critical goals and objectives.
Eric’s cost career began in the Air Force where he worked in the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency for 7 years. While working in both the aircraft and space divisions he served as cost analyst on many ACAT I programs including, B-2, F-22, V-22, F-35, NPOESS, Advanced EHF and EELV. He also spent the two years at AFCAA serving as acting chief and manager for the AFCAA Cost Research program. Previous to working at NASA he worked 4 years at the Internal Revenue Service where he was the lead for developing, reviewing, and running labor forecasting models including the IRS Labor Cost Model (LCM). Eric has degrees in Finance/Economics, and a master’s degree in Information Technology. He was SCEA certified in 2009 in Cost Estimating/Analysis and is Level III DoD Certification in Financial Management and Cost Estimating.

Mike Blandford
Mike Blandford has over 25 years experience in software engineering and developing custom applications for various customers, including expertise in the development of dynamic web applications to allow users to share information via the web.
Mikes current project is the One NASA Cost Engineering Database (ONCE). In this role Mike is the lead programmer for the ongoing development of an ASP.NET application which is not only assisting with the development of Cost Analysis Documentation Requirements (CADRes), but also allow for the storage, retrieval, and querying of existing CADRe information. Mike works closely with NASA HQ personnel to implement any and all improvements deemed necessary. He also assists in the transfer of existing CADRes in spreadsheet format to a searchable SQL Server 2008 database. In addition Mike also currently provides programming expertise for NASAs Resource Data Storage and Retrieval system (REDSTAR). He provided expertise for the Conversion from an ASP system to an ASP.Net application utilizing Ektrons Document Management System. Mike also provided the customization in Visual Studio and conversion of existing database and associated documents into a powerful web based search system using Microsofts Indexing Service. Mike earned his B.S.in Computer Science, Christopher Newport College, Newport News, VA.