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Job Satisfaction: The Link to Retention and the Correlation to Age, Gender and Organizational Position

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In an attempt to balance resource availability and workload, leaders in the United States Air Force have attempted to manage the budgets by fluctuating manpower levels. There is minimal research of multiple affiliations (active duty military, government civilians and contractors) and the effects of manpower reductions on the organization. This study collected data on career anchors and satisfaction levels to find the similarities and differences of multiple affiliations in the United States Air Force. The results of this study showed that there were correlations between career anchors and satisfaction scores. There were also differences between affiliations when comparing career anchors and job satisfaction scores. The largest differences came in the area of satisfaction when broken out by rank and age. Almost 28% showed intent to leave and another 22% of those are undecided on their intent. Additionally, 25% showed that job satisfaction influenced their decision to stay, 76% stated that their current position was relevant to their satisfaction and over 45% stated that their motivation for career selection was job satisfaction. A strong positive correlation was discovered between satisfaction and intent to stay. Those more satisfied expressed a desire to stay beyond their commitment while those scoring lower in satisfaction expressed their desire to depart once their commitment was completed. Leadership must find innovative ways to motivate the members of all affiliations in order to ensure retention does not become a concern when the economy improves.


Dr. Darrin DeReus
Wyle Laboratories, Inc
Dr. DeReus is a Cost Estimator with Wyle Aerospace Group in the Intelligence and Cyber Operating Unit, National Security Solutions Sector. He also teaches for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Southwestern College and is certified to teach 65 various courses with 5 additional universities. Darrin recently retired from active duty as the commander of the 22d Comptroller Squadron at McConnell Air Force Base Kansas and has served as the Comptroller, COCOM Senior Analyst, Program, Group and Wing Cost Chief, Flight Commander and served as an enlisted instructor, test parachutist and aircrew member.
He has a Master of Science in Cost Analysis from the Air Force Institute of Technology, a Master of Business Administration from Webster University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organization and Management in Business from Capella University where he studied the correlation between satisfaction, intent to remain with an organization and the differences between age, gender and organizational position. He is currently conducting research on satisfaction with comparisons and correlations with personality type and mentorship roles in the organization. (and is looking for sample pools) ;o) He is a Certified Cost Estimator and Analyst through SCEA. A Certified Defense Financial Manager in Acquisitions through the American Society of Military Comptrollers, Level III certified through the Acquisition Professional Development Program and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. He is currently enrolled for his Project Management Professional certification through the Project Management Institute and his Six Sigma Black Belt through Villanova University.
He has been married to his new bride April for just over 4 months. He has a 14 year old daughter and a 16 year old son.