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Successful Implementation of an Over Target Baseline/Schedule from a Government Perspective

Earned Value Management Track



In recent years, Over Target Baseline/Schedule implementations have been accomplished with varying degrees of success. Using the Over Target Baseline (OTB) and Over Target Schedule (OTS) Handbook as a guide, this presentation will address the proper way to implement an Over Target Baseline/Schedule from a Government perspective. The purpose is to provide both government and industry professionals a general understanding of the processes and decisions that must be considered when implementing an OTB and to assist the earned value management (EVM) community in the understanding and implementation of this important management tool. It will also incorporate examples and lessons learned from recent OTB/OTS implementations.

The primary purpose of an OTB/OTS is to improve management control over the remaining work to be executed by the project. Effective performance management should always be a collaborative process between customer and contractor. When the decision is made to perform a formal reprogramming, the customer should be notified as early in the process as possible. In addition, the customer should review the contractor’s performance that led to the need for an OTB, their system discipline to maintain baseline integrity, as well as compliance with the intent of the Industry guidelines and the contractor’s EVM system.


Joseph C. Annunziato
Tecolote Research, Inc
Joseph C. Annunziato, PMP, CPCM, CCE/A, NCMA Fellow
A progressive career in scheduling, pricing, and financial management encompassing 33 years experience in the government and commercial contracting industries. Responsible for the establishment and integration of a scheduling/estimating pricing system capable of project control and compatible with established accounting and scheduling systems. Active in these societies since 1989. NCMA Suncoast Chapter President in 1991
Mr. Annunziato is currently employed by Tecolote Research, Inc as a Technical Expert to provide program management support including Earned Value Management to the MILSATCOM Systems Directorate, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California. Awarded MILSATCOM SETA Non-Technical Contractor of the Quarter in 2004, 2005 and 2009.Achieved Program Management Professional Certification (PMP) from PMI in 2010, National Contract Management Association (NCMA) awarded Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) in 1991, and from Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis awarded Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst (CCE/A) in 1993. Co- Authored article for Contract Management Magazine Integrated Program Management, Ensuring Proper Program Controls published in January 2010. In 2011 Designated a Fellow by NCMA for significant contribution in the field of Contract Management.
Prior to his current role supporting the Air Force acquisition process, Mr. Annunziato’s background includes industry experience working as a financial Manager and analyst for a number of prominent aerospace contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Honeywell.

Daniel W. Donaldson
Tecolote Research, Inc.
Mr. Donaldson has 25 years of aerospace experience in Earned Value Management (EVM) Systems, cost management, planning and analysis, program controls, and financial planning and reporting. The majority of this experience was gained in support of Department of Defense Space Systems and Aircraft Programs with the balance in Commercial Satellite Programs.
Mr. Donaldson is currently employed with Tecolote Research, Inc. and provides support to the Space and Missile Systems Center MILSATCOM Systems Directorate as an EVM specialist. He is responsible for interpreting EVM policies and developing processes for implementation, determining EVM requirements during the pre-contract award phase, performing analyses of contractors cost/schedule/technical data, reviewing and assessing Contract Performance Reports (CPR) and Contract Funds Status Reports (CFSR), developing Estimate-at-Complete (EAC) analyses, conducting sufficiency reviews of contractor data, acquisition planning and reporting, supporting DCMA/DCAA audits and surveillance, and coordinating, planning, supporting, and providing training for Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR) and Over Target Baseline (OTB) implementation.
Prior to his current role supporting the Air Force acquisition process, Mr. Donaldson’s background includes industry experience working as a financial lead and analyst for a number of prominent aerospace contractors including Raytheon, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman. He is a member of both the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI).