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NRO CAIG O&M WBS and Duration Guidance

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The NRO CAIG has developed new guidance for O&M duration and an O&M WBS for cost estimation purposes. The goal of these efforts is to aid in standardizing the scope of O&M activities to be estimated for NRO program independent cost estimates. The new O&M WBS may be used in conjunction with the Space Acquisition WBS for total life-cycle cost estimation. The O&M WBS can be used for estimation of:
• Site O&M Costs (Mission Ground Station, COOP site, Factory, etc.)
• Space and Ground System O&M Tails
• Individual Projects/Programs O&M Costs

It can also be used for data collection to evaluate previous estimates and improve future estimates. Use of a standardized WBS allows for comparable estimates and data collects and facilitates the development of cost estimating relationships and factors.

Our paper discusses the reasons for developing the WBS, development methodology, and sources of input. It highlights decisions that were made in defining Echelon 1 and Echelon 2 maintenance; rules for including recapitalization; and handling multiple layers of System Engineering, Integration and Test, and Program Management. The paper identifies research conducted in determining space vehicle O&M duration guidance and relevant vehicle life metrics and touches on NRO CAIG O&M estimating methodologies and resources.


Ryan Timm
National Reconnaissance Office
Ryan Timm is an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Business Analytics team and has more than eight years of consulting experience in major acquisition decisions for public sector clients. He earned his BBA from James Madison University and is certified as a SCEA CCE/A and PMI PMP. Mr. Timm has experience across the Intelligence Community (IC) as a Cost analyst for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has also supported military services and civilian agencies. He has developed lifecycle cost estimates, program plans, conducted analyses of alternatives (AoAs), cost benefit analyses (CBAs), risk and schedule analyses, and supported engineering trade studies.

Gary Kanady
Wyle Laboratories
Mr. Kanady has been a space systems cost analyst with Wyle Laboratories for ten years. He holds a BA in Physics from Dartmouth College and has twenty years engineering experience as a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine officer. He served for seven years as an attack submarine advisor in the acquisition directorates of the Chief of Naval Operations and the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.

Jenny L Moose
Booz Allen Hamilton
Jenny Moose is a new Associate on Booz Allen Hamilton’s Business Analytics team. She brings to the team more than ten years of experience as an active duty developmental engineer and program manager with the US Air Force. Ms. Moose worked on a variety of programs, both defense and intelligence, which covered the entire program management life cycle. She has a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Sara Wise
Integrity Applications Incorporated
Sara Wise is a system engineer with Integrity Applications Incorporated, and has been a cost analyst for the past year and a half working with the IC’s leading technological systems. During this time she has performed estimates, analyzed data collections, supported trade studies, and performed additional studies. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in systems engineering. She also has experience spanning the early systems engineering lifecycle of a program.

Lori Zondlo
US Government
Lori Zondlo is the Ground Team lead for the NRO Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG) holding this position since December 2006. Prior to her current position at the NRO, Ms Zondlo served as a senior cost analyst with the National Security Agency and operations research analyst with the Dept of Navy. Ms Zondlo has an MBA from Florida Tech and a B.S. in Quantitative Business Analysis from Penn State.