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NASA Implementation of JCL Policy

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For the past two years NASA has been implementing Joint Cost and Schedule Confidence Level (JCL) analysis within its projects. This analysis is sponsored by NASA Agency level policy, performed by individual NASA projects (and is some cases programs), and reviewed by a NASA non-advocate organization. This presentation will cover the Agency’s rationale for implementing JCL, the evolution of the JCL policy, and the lessons learned with regards to project implementation. This presentation will also address the current measures that NASA is sponsoring to make the JCL methodologies, processes, products, tools, and communication better for the JCL community.


James Johnson
Mr. Johnson (James) is responsible for providing Cost Estimates and Assessments, Schedule Estimates and Assessments, Risk Analyses, and Joint Cost Schedule Risk Analysis for the Cost Analysis Division (CAD) at NASA Headquarters. His current responsibilities include completing cost estimates, schedule estimates, and risk assessments for various NASA Programs and Projects at NASA. James is a Management and Program Analyst who recently joined the NASA CAD team in January 2011. Prior to CAD, James was an Advanced Analyst with Tecolote Research Inc providing support for various government customers such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and NASA.

His work at NASA HQ includes supporting high level Agency studies, providing support and consultation to programs/projects, and developing policy and guidance for the Agency in the areas of cost, schedule, and risk assessments. While supporting NASA James has received multiple individual and team awards recognizing his contributions and performance as an analyst. James has presented and defended numerous cost estimates of government programs that have ranged in cost from less than $50M, to greater than $100B. James has significant experience in all primary methods of estimating cost and schedule including parametrics, analogy, and bottoms-up. He is also experienced in the areas of risk analysis and assessment to support the development of cost and schedule risk models. James has developed, and contributed to the development of, multiple Joint Confidence Level (JCL) models, including some of the first JCL models for NASA that he then presented to the NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael Griffin, with the Constellation Cost Estimating and Confidence Level Team.

Charles Hunt
Charles Hunt is currently a cost analyst for NASA Headquarters, Cost Analysis Division, within the Office of Independent Program and Cost Evaluation—with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining cost estimating policy, cost estimating methodologies (with an emphasis of cost risk techniques), tools, and databases. Mr. Hunt is involved with the communication of cost policy to both internal and external stakeholders. He also participates in the identification of cost estimating issues with the NASA community, sponsors research to resolve estimating weakness and/or data, and develops cost estimating guidance and best practices.

Mr. Hunt is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He began his NASA career as a cost analyst for the Engineering Cost Office at Marshall Space Flight Center. Mr. Hunt joined the Cost Analysis Division at NASA Headquarters in 2007. Mr. Hunt is currently a graduate student in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University.