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PARS II: Redefining Program Oversight & Assessment at the Department of Energy

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Requiring a new method for capturing actionable project performance data from its contractors, the Department of Energy recently implemented its Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS II), built on Dekker PMIS™ technology, and revamped its project reporting procedures to better align project performance with strategic Departmental goals. PARS II provides a web-based system that captures accurate, timely, complete, and verifiable project performance data from contractor sites around the country. The system fosters greater transparency and provides project oversight staff a single, online, and secure vantage point from which to monitor up-to-date performance data generated directly from the project sites Earned Value Management systems.

The PARS II effort involved years of planning on the part of the DOE Office of Engineering and Construction Management (OECM), Energy Enterprise Solutions (EES), and Dekker, Ltd. to ensure a smooth transition into the live Department of Energy environment. Now that the system is producing results, there are numerous lessons learned that can be of benefit to the larger Program and Project Management community. Simon Dekker, the President and CEO of Dekker, Ltd. and chief architect of the Program Management Information System driving PARS II, will share what exactly PARS II is, the vision that spurred its creation and implementation, and the trends that have emerged with this push to create a web-enabled program management system and a larger organizational culture capable of tracking billions of dollars in Federal projects.


Simon Dekker
Dekker, Ltd.
Simon Dekker is President and Chief Executive Officer of Dekker, Ltd., an industry leader in the field of program and project management solutions. Mr. Dekker was the original author of the Dekker PMIS” (Program Management Information System) software suite.

Mr. Dekker is an expert on the implementation and integration of contemporary program and project management techniques. His diverse experiential background in scientific applications, business management and administration, program and technology management, and systems engineering projects has made him an invaluable partner to commercial enterprises, government agencies, and government contractors needing to streamline their project management systems.

Prior to co-founding Dekker, Ltd. in 1984, Mr. Dekker directed the business and engineering computer centers for the Ballistic Missile Program Office, and was a software engineer for scientific, satellite, and defense projects.

He has published articles and given lectures for various trade associations, private enterprises, government agencies, and universities throughout the United States and Europe on the topics of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Performance Measurement, and Earned Value Management (EVM).