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Constructing a Price-to-Win

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Winning a competitive federal procurement requires more than just writing a good technical proposal. A win strategy that has been formulated without consideration of the competition is bound to fail. A thorough competitive assessment includes the identification of the customer’s Most Important Requirements (MIRs), the assessment of our own and our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses versus those MIRs, the investigation of our competitors’ current market position and behavior on recent competitive procurements, and the postulation of the competitors’ strategy options, probable strategy, and price for the opportunity being bid. Only then can we determine our own win strategy and our Price-to-Win (PTW).

This paper will focus on the various data requirements and analytic techniques used to derive a Price-to-Win. Methods for collecting competitive intelligence, converting that intelligence into actionable knowledge, assessing strategy options, and settling upon a winning strategy and PTW will be addressed. Additionally, the process of reconciling the top-down estimating represented by the PTW and the bottoms-up estimating inherent in cost proposal preparation will be demonstrated.


Frank R. Flett
MCR Technologies, LLC
Frank Flett has over 36 years of experience in the cost and schedule analysis and proposal preparation arena. He is currently the Senior Vice President of MCR Technologies, LLC, the branch of MCR, LLC that provides Integrated Program Management services to commercial and international clients.

In that role, he is responsible for delivering lifecycle support to decision-makers that require a firm grasp of a program’s cost, schedule, performance and risk profile. That lifecycle support includes strategic planning and competitive assessment, proposal preparation, cost and schedule analysis, acquisition support, program assessment and contract close-out.

Frank is a past National President of SCEA and the 1997 recipient of that society’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been a frequent speaker and various conferences and symposia over the years on a wide range of topics, including Proposal Preparation, Software Cost Estimating, Cost Proposal Evaluation, Competitive Assessment/Price-to-Win and Parametric Cost Estimating.

His prior experience includes 18 years as an independent consultant, 10 years as a Government support contractor, and eight years as a Government analyst.