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Parameters in Parametric Cost Estimating


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Parametric estimating methods are one of the most desirable and have high creditable due to the fact that this method use actual hours for the weapon system we are estimating. The purpose of this paper is to study how to create a parametric estimating model for weapon system in the aircraft. C-17 Engineering organization will be utilized for generating estimating model.

Purpose of the Study:
The research will provide important factors in parametric estimating analyzing relationships among the engineering performing groups and to find parameters in engineering performance activities in that organization. Engineering Organization can be divided into the following five categories based on the engineering performance activities, such as (1) Engineering Design Group, (2) Engineering Design Group Supporting Groups, (3) Engineering Supporting Groups, (4) Flight Test, and (5) Business Management Group.

The primary purpose of this study was an attempt to evaluate the relationship between the five different independent parameters and the related engineering hours based on the three phases; the first phase is August 1995 through December 2000, the second phase is January 2001 through December 2004 and the third phase is January 2005 through June 2010.

Research Question:
Hypotheses are often restated from corresponding research problems. The five research questions and research hypotheses are presented below.
Research Question 1.0 –
Do the number of Engineering drawings impact the related Engineering hours?
Research Question 2.0 –
Do the Design Engineering hours impact the Design Engineering Support hour?
Research Question 3.0 –
Do the Engineering Total Hours impact the Engineering Support Group hours?
Research Question 4.0 –
Does the number of Flight Test impact the related Flight Test Engineering hours?
Research Question 5.0 –
Does the number of Business Control Account impact the related Business Management hours?


Myung-Yul Lee
The Boeing Company, C-17 Program
Myung-Yul (M-Y) Lee is an estimator on the C-17 Transport Aircraft Performance Enhancement/Producibility Improvement, ECP Estimates for Air Force Systems Integrated Defense Systems. M-Y Lee is responsible for collection and analysis of historical cost and non-cost (characteristic) data from C-17 engineering, including cost modeling, similar-to-analysis, and development of cost estimating relationships (CER)

He has more than 30 years of Aerospace experience in various fields, such as project management, business management, and estimating through the three companies; Hughes Helicopter (Apache program), Rockwell International (B-1 B program), and McDonnell Douglas (C-17 Program). Now all these companies are under the Boeing Company.

He has received his Doctor of Business Administration from Argosy University and has completed Master of Science, Economics from Illinois State University. His hobby is oil painting and running.