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Use of JCL Data for Programmatic Success

Applications Track



With surging interest in Joint Confidence Level (JCL) and corresponding expectations levied on the program management communities, what is a PM to do with JCL data and information? This presentation puts emphasis on the value and use of data and information that JCL tools and processes bring to the table. Appreciating the pedigree of the inputs used in JCL development, and the rigor of the JCL process, the presentation will cover the multiple JCL products and the interpretation of the data and information. The presentation will also cover the effective way to communicate the JCL results to the program managers and the stakeholders.

JCL integrates a framework that can be used to the advantage of the program manager. It takes into account the requirements, technical work, resources, schedule, and budget into an integrated architecture and captures the effort and availability – which are influenced by uncertainty and risk-producing multiple view of the state of the program. The presentation will focus on the products such as the scatter plot, S-curves, cost/schedule driver charts, contour data/information, assessment of risk mitigation scenarios, reserve management, and probabilistic budgeting. Visibility will provide the program managers with the insight to risk management, funds & budget management, and schedule management.


Rey Carpio
Tecolote Research, Inc.
Several years of experience in systems acquisition for Department of Defense programs and National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) programs, with particular emphasis on cost analyses, cost estimating, and financial management. Background includes experience in independent cost estimating and analyses, joint confidence level analysis, procurement, and leadership.
Presently with Tecolote Research Inc. as Houston Office Manager, providing support to NASA programs/projects and also provides technical support to ACEIT sales and training. Prior to Tecolote, Rey was a NASA member of Senior Executive Service (SES), evaluated agency mission-related programs and projects to ensure cost effectiveness, quality, performance, and strategic alignment; provided independent cost estimates in support of these evaluations. And prior to NASA, Rey spent 20 years in the Air Force with several assignments across the globe.