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INCOSE Affordability Work Group – Design for Affordability

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The Affordability Working Group of The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is striving to understand and promulgate affordability within the systems engineering community. The group began at the 2010 INCOSE International Conference last summer, meets monthly by telephone, and will meet for two days at the end of January 2011 at the annual INCOSE Workshop. In the interest of intersociety sharing, this paper will share the perspective and status of the Affordability Working Group meeting at the INCOSE Workshop.


Edwin B. Dean
Ed Dean spent fourteen years at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory as a physicist, mathematician, operations research analyst, electronic engineer, software engineer, combat systems engineer, and manager. He spent just over a year at the Naval Supply Systems Command Security Group as a computer security specialist.

He joined NASA at the Langley Research Center in 1983. Until 1990, he was in charge of cost estimating at NASA Langley where he managed, performed, or participated in about sixty five system cost estimates including the Space Exploration Initiative Ninety Day Study (back to the Moon and on to Mars). He then joined the Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) Office at Langley where he focused on cost and logistics aspects of returning to the Moon and the colonization of Mars, as well as technologies for designing systems for cost. From 1994 until March 1997 his research focus was design for competitive advantage and the incorporation of value into multidisciplinary product and process development. From 1994 to 1999 he authored the 500+ page NASA Design for Competitive Advantage website.

He retired from NASA on 2 January 1999 as a senior research engineer in the MultiDisciplinary Optimization Branch of the NASA Langley Research Center with research focus on optimization under uncertainty.

Since retiring from NASA he has performed cost estimating support for PRICE Systems and Valador Inc., and has provided cost data analysis using neural networks for Galorath Inc.

He has published over 70 papers/presentations in simulation, nuclear weapons effects, computers, operations research, cost estimating, quality, engineering management, design for cost, and design for competitive advantage. He is a past Director and past Chairman for the International Society of Parametric Analysts. He was the NASA Langley delegate to the Space Systems Cost Analysis Group where he focused on cost risk.

Joseph S Bobinis
Twenty five years as a Supportability Professional, 21 years with Lockheed Martin. Fifteen years in project/functional management roles. Thirteen Years was in Acquisition Logistics, and Product Support Functional Management roles. Three years as Sr. Manager in Engineering Project Management as an Advanced Engineering Leader.

As a Lockheed Martin Engineering Sr. Fellow; Supported and/or written over 50 Proposals for various businesses across LMC, in Supportability and Technology Refresh/Technology Insertion.
Lead Writer, PBL Working Guide for Lockheed Martin corporation. Lead LMC Community of Practice, Supportability Engineering. Lead Technical Developer of the three core courses in LMC Logistics & Sustainment Institute.

Chair INCOSE Affordability Working Group:
Was the Keynote Speaker for Industry at the 2010 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference on Sustainment Engineering & Affordability.

Publications include:
Robust Engineering Methodology as an Accelerant to Engineered Systems. TRIZ Journal in Three Parts, December 2009. Complex Self-Organizing Systems: Some Effects on the Systems Engineering Paradigm. Logistics Spectrum Magazine , Scheduled for Spring 2011.

Papers include:
Lead developer of the Training/IETM Interface Guide (1996) commissioned by OPNAV as a Development Guide for Automated Support Product development.
Speaker at the International CALS Expo on Logistics Technologies and their Impact on LCC (1998) .
Co- Author: Metalogistics and the O&S Trade Space (2008) MORS Symposium
Seven Affordability Sins of Logistics Integration (2008) NDIA Systems Engineering Conference.