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Software Cost Estimating Relationships

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Software cost overruns are a common problem for the majority of software development projects. With the ever increasing amount of software present in current Department of Defense (DOD) programs, it is extremely important to generate an accurate software cost estimates. There are many complex models that estimate software development productivity and costs. This paper builds upon the principles of these models to look for a simple regression model that can be used to generate accurate and defendable cost estimates for software development programs.


Jennifer Leotta
Jennifer Leotta graduated from James Madison University (JMU) in 2002 with a BS Degree in Quantitative Finance and minors in Economics and Mathematics. Upon graduation, she worked for the US Census Bureau as a Survey Statistician and in 2005, started as an Operations Research Analyst for the Navy Engineering and Logistics Office (NELO). She recently finished a Master’s degree in Economics at George Mason University (GMU).