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PMAG Risk Based Integrated Program Management

Risk Track

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Introduce the risk based integrated program management framework describing major tenets behind the framework to enhance the space acquisition programs development success. The major tenets of the framework will be discussed are 1) program risk management and the decision based program risk tracking, 2) managing program management assurance 3) life cycle based system integration, 4) application oriented training. This risk based integrated program management framework is designed to primarily focus to coach and mentor the program managers and project managers through the hands on OJT to produce risk based products and services to strengthen the organic integrated program management capabilities. Key findings and lessons learned of space acquisition programs will be addressed during the briefing.

The disciplined execution of the risk based integrated program management framework to enhance the content based integrated program management and control capabilities toward the program success. The second most important step is to implement life cycle based integrated risk management capabilities (products and services) that the program offices need to successfully execute and manage the program. This framework is the bedrock of building the organic integrated program management capabilities the program offices need to assure the program success. This framework based execution will assure the robust program planning and execution where in the organizations organic integrated program management authority ensures the acquisition professionals to focus attention to the content based program execution.


Mun Kwon
Dr Mun Kwon Consulting
Dr. Mun H. Kwon is President of Dr Mun Kwon Consulting Company has over 29 years of Engineering Management and Program Management experience. Dr. Kwon manages and leads Program Management Assistance group (PMAG) as a senior acquisition adviser to support the Space and Missile Systems Center, providing integrated program management assistance to the SMC’s acquisition wings, and training workshops to develop integrated program management capabilities across the acquisition wings.
Prior to being a consultant, Col Kwon (Ret) worked as Deputy for Program management and Integration Directorate, SMC, LAAFB, CA. He led SMC’s Program Execution and Analysis Group, Acquisition Center of Excellence Group, and PMAG to support the SMC mission. His career has a wide variety of acquisition program management, education, HQ USAF air staff, and materiel leader assignments including Solid Rocket Motors business manager, Launch vehicles acquisition manager, Titan 34D Solid Rocket Motors Production and Launch Services project manager, Space Shuttle Payload Integrator, Advanced Space Technology program manager, USAF/XP chief scientist, professor of systems management, National Defense program control chief, Dean of education and technology, National Defense University, major acquisition national space systems program manager, and commander of materiel acquisition group.
Dr. Kwon earned a baccalaureate science degree in chemistry from the University of Maryland, a master’s in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, second masters in Strategic Studies from the Air War College, and doctorate in Management from the United States International University.