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Federal Budget Process: A Quick Primer

Management Track

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Most people have little understanding of the Federal appropriation process. Yet, it has an enormous impact on the cost estimating community. This briefing is a light-hearted romp through the process in an attempt to explain some of the relationships and terms used. It may also help explain why your children and grand children owe tens of thousands of dollars each to foreign creditors. It won’t explain why you think you pay too much in taxes. There will be no equations used in this presentation.


Michael Brozyna
U.S. Army
Mr. Brozyna has been a career Department of Defense bureaucrat for too many years. His experience has been in the financial management and logistics communities for the Army and Air Force. He has never worked inside the Washington DC beltway, and therefore has no first‐hand insight on how top‐level decisions are really made but understands how things actually work. He is currently a Budget Analyst for the U.S. Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command at Scott AFB, IL.