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Optimized Project Management of Systems and Software Projects

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Successful software projects demonstrate good project management methods incorporating modern processes and effective utilization of metrics. This paper demonstrates the application of control theory methods to project management decisions and incorporates optimization of systems trade-offs to maximize project performance. High fidelity parametric estimation models used as the Basis of Estimate for the project also provide the decision tools for a “Fully Managed Project”. With the application of feedback control theory to the management decision process, future project control decisions result in changes that improve performance of the project. Optimization via Dynamic Programming is applied to the decision process to validate that “best” decisions are made to optimize project performance.
This paper will demonstrate use of parametric models as tools to evaluate performance of a software project, provide performance based earned value assessments of cost to complete, and select “best” options from alternatives considered to improve project performance toward meeting project goals.


Denton Tarbet
Denton Tarbet is a Project Management and Planning Consultant with Galorath Incorporated. He holds an advanced degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Houston with research in Optimum Control Theory and has over 35 years experience in systems and software engineering, incorporating over 20 years of experience as a project manager, Director of Engineering, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Engineering. Denton has performed size and effort estimation and project management planning projects for NASA, Air Force, Navy, Republic of South Korea, and multiple contractors. Prior experience includes management consulting in systems and software projects, process improvement and re-engineering, and the development and presentation of seminars in project management, Cost Modeling and Estimation, configuration management, quality assurance, systems integration and testing, and operating systems design and development.