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Illustrative Example of Flight Software Estimation

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The effort to effectively model the development of flight software for manned space is complicated because of unique approaches used by NASA. Data from previous efforts are frequently poorly documented. Also the infrequency of flight software development activities for new manned vehicles means that techniques from previous projects are not applicable to the present day due to the maturation of software languages. This presentation will explain the challenges faced in developing a parametric model-based software estimate and how these areas were addressed. Examples of what will be examined will primarily focus on three areas. First what collection of input parameter settings appropriately characterize the relative rigor and reliability of the software product? How should the analyst address the promises of automated code generation? Finally simulation and modeling can be an extensive effort, what are the issues affecting this topic specifically?


Robert Georgi
Robert Georgi has been employed with Booz Allen Hamilton as an Associate for over ten years. He has performed cost and risk analysis on several programs and Projects within NASA. He has received three NASA Group Achievement awards as a participant on project teams and also received numerous recognitions from the firm. He was previously the lead for the Booz Allen cost estimators contracted in support of the International Space Station Program from 2004 to 2007 before moving on to new assignments for Lunar Surface System architecture, Project Orion (Crew Exploration Vehicle), Constellation Program operations cost reduction initiatives, and the Constellation Mission Operations Project Training Facility. Robert also authored sections of the inaugural NASA Cost Estimating Handbook. He has presented at NASA Cost Symposia, Space System Cost Analysis Group meetings and the Galorath Users Conference.