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PMAG’s Program Startup Assistance

Management Track

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The Program Management Assistance Group (PMAG), Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Los Angeles AFB, is enhancing program baseline executability. PMAG is establishing robust integrated baselines for our space acquisition programs by formulating integrated program risk analyses. As a result of PMAG’s accomplishments with the programs it supports, it is the desire of Senior Air Force leadership that the PMAG methodology be spread throughout the USAF Acquisition community.

From 13 November 2007 to 31 October 2008, PMAG distinguished itself by supporting the SMC’s $1.4 billion Global Positioning System (GPS) Block IIIA Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Team. As GPS/CC Col Madden stated to Aerotech News and Review, “The PMAG, SMC’s program management experts, were an integral part of the overall process providing application oriented training, templates, analyses and assessments vital to IBR success.” (14 November 2008, Volume 2, Issue 17.)

PMAG’s three-phased risk formulation, CAM Notebook evaluation training, program planning, best baseline review practice and collaboration with the contractor’s program start-up assistance team succeeded in building a strong organic integrated program management capability within the Wing and the prime contractor. This three-phased startup IBR verified and validated technical, schedule, and cost performance aspects of the baseline, encompassing over 600 control accounts in total. The PMAG conducted close to 180 critical and near-critical path control account assessments to ensure this crucial $1.4 billion performance measurement baseline is executable.

This program startup assistance in IBR was accomplished through unheralded cooperation with the Wing, integrated staff, FFRDC, SETA and industry partners to provide integrated program management, program control, and system integration expertise. PMAG worked to develop new methodologies and incorporate lessons learned from other successful programs, providing detailed instruction to the Wing to ensure further program success.

This Workshop will detail PMAG’s role in assisting and supplementing the GPS Wing, as well as detail the unique integrated program management, program control, and system integration capabilities that PMAG is able to provide. These supplemental capabilities are available to development acquisition programs throughout SMC and soon will be propagated across the Air Force.


Colonel Mun Kwon
Col Kwon’s 28 year USAF career acquisition experience consists of various assignments to include professor of systems management, AFIT, Dean of education and technology, National Defense University, Commander of 329 Armament Systems Direct Report Group and current position as deputy director, program management and integration directorate, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB, California.
He holds a doctorate degree in Management.