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“Dan Galorath on Estimating”

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Dan Galorath for over 25 years has been a leader in the estimating industry, and finally has begun to blog about his experiences and what he’s still learning. This incredibly wide‐ranging presentation will bring to life some of the high points of his BLOG. Dan will discuss metrics, effectiveness measurement, the real costs of a variety of undertakings, what is ITIL versus ISO 9000, the risk of IT projects, software project costing challenges and solutions, and lots more. He weighs in on a wealth of topics both timeless and contemporary.


Dan Galorath
During his over three decades in the industry, Daniel D. Galorath has been solving a variety of management, costing, systems, and software problems for both information technology and embedded systems. He has performed all aspects of software development and software management. One of his strengths has been reorganizing troubled software projects, assessing their progress applying methodology and plans for completion and estimated cost to complete. He has personally managed some of these projects to successful completion. He has created and implemented software management policies, and reorganized (as well as designed and managed) development projects. His company, Galorath Incorporated, has developed the SEER applications, methods, and training for 1) software, 2) hardware, electronics & Systems, 3) Information Technology, and 4) Manufacturing cost, schedule, risk analysis, and management decision support. He is one of the principal developers of the SEER‐SEM™ software evaluation model. His teaching experience includes development and presentation of courses in Software Cost, Schedule, and Risk Analysis; Software Management; Software Engineering; to name a few. Mr. Galorath is a sought after speaker. Among Mr. Galorath’s published works are papers encompassing software cost modeling, testing theory, software life cycle error prediction and reduction, and software and systems requirements definition. Mr. Galorath was named winner of the 2001 International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA) Freiman Award, lifetime achievement award, awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the theoretical or applied aspects of parametric modeling. Mr Galorath’s book “Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management” was published March 2006. Mr. Galorath publishes a blog, “Dan Galorath on Estimating” at http://www.galorath.com/wp/.