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In the present research the problem of Enterprise wide cost modeling is approached from a systems engineering standpoint. What this does is to use each stage of product life cycle to obtain useful information that helps in estimating the cost of the system. Once a generic framework is developed for estimating the core cost, layers of other factors that affect the cost are applied to the core cost such as risk and uncertainty, maintainability, supply-chain and socio-economic conditions. The cost model is expanded to accommodate a product domain ranging from a simple object to a system in the following hierarchy: System, Product, Assembly, and Object. The cost model caters to the needs of cost estimation at every stage of the life cycle and for every kind of product, big or small, simple or complex. New process selection tools have been added to the field of cost estimation which suggests the user with applicable processes given the material and production quantity. Attributes such as materials, fabrication processes etc… are ontology based.
This enables a generic category to branch into more and more specialized categories with each step. This is very useful since, in the preliminary stages of cost estimation, not much information is available as to what exact material or process is used. In such a case data pertaining to a more generalized material or process can be used.


Yousuf S. Mohammed
Yousuf Mohammed is working as a Mechanical Engineer at Modern Machine & Tool Co., Newport News, VA. He is doing PhD (Part-Time) in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Old Dominion University. His research interests include simulation, statistical analysis and optimization.
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (Part-Time Continuing)
M.E. Mechanical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (2003)
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, JNT University, Hyderabad, India (1999)
Ph no: (757) 581-0579

Dr. Han P. Bao
Dr. Han P. Bao joined the department of Mechanical Engineering at Old Dominion University in December 1997 as the Mitsubishi Kasei Chaired Professor for Manufacturing. Prior to joining the ME department, he held the same chaired position in the Department of Engineering Management at Old Dominion University. Dr. Bao’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of manufacturing, integrated process and product design and concurrent engineering.
Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, university of New South Wales, Australia (1976)
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, university of New South Wales, Australia (1972)
B.Eng. Industrial Engineering, university of New South Wales, Australia (1969)