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True Cost Benefit Analysis Framework

Applications/Tools Track

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This paper introduces the innovations implemented in TruePlanning by PRICE Systems. Building on the success of the industry’s first true System of Systems Estimating Framework, PRICE Systems has enhanced this framework to include cost benefits analysis capabilities. Previously, organizations needed a collection of tools to create cost/benefit models; estimate system cost and benefits, and evaluate or rate the assessment of these alternatives.
The paper shows how, in a single application, heterogeneous systems can be integrated, costs can be derived parametrically or bottoms up, benefits are estimated and payback and assessment criteria are evaluated. These innovations are demonstrated in the context of a software intensive system case study.

Additionally, this paper will demonstrate:
• Enterprise reporting capability which enables the generation of basis of estimate and other custom reports in Microsoft Word
• Multi-project analysis that promotes knowledge management across projects or a portfolio
• Bi-directional interface with Microsoft Office


Pete Pizzutillo
Mr. Pizzutillo joined PRICE Systems in 1998 as Director of Marketing, where he oversaw all activities related to the development and implementation of the PRICE Systems brand. In 2003, he moved into product development to help establish the product management/business analysis function at PRICE. The goal of this group is to collect, prioritize and execute product requirements and develop product innovations based on industry experience and contact with customers and industry experts.
In 2004, he was named Director of Product Development. In this role, he was responsible for the company’s full product life cycles and oversaw PRICE Systems research and development during several technology transitions as well as the adoption of “extreme programming” and other agile practices.
In 2006, he then assumed responsibility for the Aerospace and Commercial Solutions Division of PRICE Systems. His primary function was to oversee key aerospace relationships with NASA, U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.
In 2009, he has returned to his Product Development and Marketing roots. He currently oversees all development and marketing communications efforts for PRICE Systems.
Mr. Pizzutillo holds two degrees, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Art, from The Pennsylvania State University.