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Providing Visibility of the True Cost of Marine Corps Maintenance

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Marine Corps Logistics Command has developed a suite of decision support capabilities to assist in the analysis of materiel life cycle management activities. The Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool (MERIT) with its Total Support Cost (TSC) module plays a key role in helping the Marine Corps Logistics Command determine affordable readiness. In its graphical and tabular presentation forms, TSC displays cost and cost metrics of Marine Corps weapon and logistics systems to provide reliable investment advice to senior Marine Corps leadership. The purpose of the analysis metrics is to monitor the health of systems in terms of maintenance parts and labor costs and identify systems that are reaching the end of their effective lifecycle. The module will provide input to decision of whether to overhaul or replace a system. The web address for Merit is https://merit.matcom.usmc.mil/merit/dispatch/show.login.

An initial paper was written in 2005 as the first version of the TSC module was being completed. In the three years since then, Version 2.0 was completed. This paper will explain the additional capability.


Ted Kuusisto
Mr. Kuusisto holds a BS degree in Chemistry and Masters of Business Administration from the University of ND, Grand Forks, ND. He has held several positions in Operations Research with the US Marine Corps Research and Development Command, renamed the US Marine Corps Systems Command, US Marine Corps Operational Test Activity, the US Marine Corps Materiel Command, and the US Marine Corps Logistics Command. He is currently the Supervising Operations Research Analyst of the Logistics Command’s Operations Research Branch.
Mr. Kuusisto is married to the former LaRae Marie Varty of Lakota, ND. They have two children; Jason, 11 and Jeremy,