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Using C-17 Program’s Data to Build a Parametric Model for the Engineering Organization

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The Boeing Company, C-17 program, located in Long Beach, California has produced more than 171 cargo aircraft to the U.S. Air Force after its first flight on September 15, 1991. The Boeing C-17 Program Office has responsible for managing the Producibility Enhancement/Performance Improvement (PE/PI) contracts. The major efforts under the PE/PI contract are:
Y Perform studies and analyses
Y Design, develop, test and prototype C-17 Weapon System improvements and enhancement
Y Develop change proposal for Production and retrofit incorporation into aircraft

Nature of the Problem of Cost Estimating
When a new program starts, discrete estimating method is used because there is not enough historical data to utilize other methods such as an analogy estimating method or parametric estimating method. The C-17 program has been successful for more than 16 years since its first flight and there are enough data to create a Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs) using PE/PI projects’ data.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to create CERs in the airframe IPT based on the empirical data from the C-17 PE/PI projects from 1995 – 2007. In order to generate the CER, the Engineering organization restructured as Design Drawing Group (DDG), Avionics/Flight Control Group, DDG Supporting Group, and Engineering Supporting Group.

Research Question There were four research questions for this study:
Y Is there any relationship between design hours and number of drawings including period of the projects?
Y Is there any relationship between design hours, number of drawings and DDG Supporting Groups?

Myung-Yul Lee 2
The Boeing, C-17 Program

Y Is there any relationship between DDG including Avionics/Flight Control Group and Engineering Supporting Group?
Y Is there any relationship between DDG including Avionics/Flight Control Group and Total Supporting Group?

Research Hypothesis
Engineering labor hours in the DDG have a strong relationship with number of drawings.
Therefore, the independent variables are engineering drawings and period of the project.

Procedures and Methodology
Data Analysis
Historical data (from Aug 1995 through Dec 2007) such as labor hours, number of drawings and number of months of C-17 PE/PI projects will be used.

Statistical method
A factor method or regression analysis will be applied for this study.


Myung-Yul Lee
Myung-Yul (M-Y) Lee is an estimator of C-17 Transport Aircraft PE/PI / ECP Estimating for Air Force Systems Integrated Defense Systems. M-Y Lee is responsible for collection and analysis of historical cost and non-cost (characteristic) data from C-17 engineering, including cost modeling, similar-to-analysis, and development of cost estimating relationships (CER)
M-Y Lee has 30 years of Aerospace Experience in various fields such as project management, business management and estimating through Hughes Helicopter (Apache program), and Rockwell International (B-1 B program).
Currently, M-Y Lee is in a Doctorate Program in Business Administration at Argosy University-Orange County. He has graduated from Illinois State University, Master of Science, Economics.