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The Traveling NET Trainer Problem

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As part of providing a life cycle cost estimate for an Army program, the costs of providing New Equipment Training (NET) to a number of continental U.S. and overseas locations were examined. The proposed solution uses a traveling salesman approach to obtain a close to optimal cost solution for sending a team of NET trainers to a number of CONUS and OCONUS US Army Depot and Intermediate Maintenance locations. Stochastic optimization methods to include more traditional Monte Carlo Simulation and novel approaches such as Ant Colony Optimization can be used to optimize NET costs using common software tools such as Microsoft Excel.


Angela Lemke
Angela Lemke is a first year intern Operations Research Analyst with the U.S. Army. A graduate of Athens State University, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education, and is pursuing an advanced degree in Project Management and Operations Research. She has previously held positions as a Computer Aided Design Analyst and Secondary Education Mathematics Teacher.