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CAD Model and Parametric Cost Model Integration – A Case Study

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This paper explores the integration of CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and Parametric Cost Models. The author demonstrates, through means of a case study, an approach to CAD and Parametric Cost Model integration. CAD models are widespread in industry; they are an integral element of the design process in most companies. Since as much as 80% of a product cost is committed during the early stages of design, the integration of CAD and Cost models is intriguing. Such integration would seemingly provide enormous benefit to the product development process; it would provide real-time cost feedback to engineers at the design station. Cost would be seamlessly integrated as a key design variable. Parametric Cost Models are typically used during the early stages of product development when detailed product information is not readily available. They are designed to provide reliable cost estimates based on input parameters such as product weight, volume, part count, etc. These types of input parameters are easily obtainable from CAD models. The case study presented here-in provides a practical working model that engineers can use to obtain immediate cost feedback directly within the CAD model. One of the main aims is to move the intriguing concept of CAD and Cost model integration that much closer to widespread use in industry.


Christopher Rush
Dr. Rush has a PhD in the Formalization and Reuse of Cost Engineering Knowledge, and a Masters Degree in Innovative Manufacturing from Cranfield University, in the UK. He has First Class Bachelors degree in Production Management from Brunel University, in the UK.
He has been working with Galorath for 6 years. As a Senior Systems Engineer, he primarily manages the software development, support, and maintenance of SEER for Manufacturing, a design for manufacture cost model, ensuring it remains a world class manufacturing cost model capable of estimating state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. He also manages the development of the SEER Rate Calculator, a tool for generating world-wide labor rates, and supports SEER for Hardware software development.
Among his accomplishments at Galorath have been the development of the award winning Detailed Composites model, developed in collaboration with Airbus, UK, and the development of a Detailed Electrical Harness model, and Tube, Fab, Weld, and Processing model, developed in collaboration with Northrop Grumman.