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System of Systems Cost Estimation Solutions

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An area in which several advocates are attempting to improve industry understanding of system of systems relates to estimating the cost and effort required to deliver capabilities rather than platforms. Currently, the significant offerings in this and closely related realms include COSYSMO, COSOSIMO, SECOST, SEER-H with TSV, PRICE PES,
and PRICE TruePlanning Systems. This paper explores the history of each of these models, the origin of their methodologies and cost estimating relationships, the major size and cost drivers, and the extent to which each solution addresses the need for a system of systems estimating capability.

Main Objectives
• Define System of Systems
• Discuss the need for accurately estimating System of Systems problems
• Identify the currently available options for System of Systems estimation
• Discuss the history, methodologies, CERs, and size and cost drivers of the models


Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson has worked as a Cost Research Analyst at PRICE Systems since January 2006. During his time with PRICE, Mr. Wilson has researched and implemented improvements to various PRICE models, including the initial implementation of COSYSMO as a cost model in the PRICE Systems TruePlanning framework. Mr. Wilson was PRICE Systems’ lead analyst for ISPA’s “Renew Your Training” Workshop in 2006, and has also been involved with cost estimating consulting efforts for Teledyne Brown Engineering’s proposed Multipurpose Troop Transport Carrier System (MTTCS) and the Field Data Collection Automation (FDCA) effort for the 2010 Decennial Census being undertaken by the Harris Corporation. Mr. Wilson graduated from Georgia Tech with undergraduate degrees in both Discrete Mathematics and Industrial and Systems Engineering in May 2004.