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A Process for Mapping COCOMO Input Parameters to True S Input Parameters

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SW-9 Otte Paper Cocomo Mapping


Oversight review panels for major programs require software cost analysts to complete software estimates using several software different cost models. This requires the software cost analysts to collect data for various cost models.

This paper will provide a comparative survey and analysis using NASA flight projects. The paper is an extension of the Ray Madachy, Barry Boehm and Danni Wu paper completed by USC on the same subject. This paper provides a road-map for mapping COCOMO input parameters to True S input parameters. This will enable a software cost analyst to complete two or more software model estimates using one set of input parameters.


James Otte
Mr. James E. Otte is Director of the Integrated Affordability Solutions department of PRICE Systems L.L.C. He has over twenty years of cost analysis, and cost management experience in support of the Department of Defense, and aerospace contractors. Since joining PRICE Systems, Mr. Otte has provided PRICE Model instruction, model technical support, along with completing numerous consulting tasks for PRICE Clients.