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Integration of Cost History with Project Management Data for Improved Cost Estimates

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NASA is working to improve estimates-to-complete (ETC’s) for projects as they evolve by integrating regularly produced EVMS data from these programs with NASA’s CADRe system which captures historical cost, programmatic and technical data. This integrated body of data will be used during and at each transition between NASA Phases A through E: Concept Development – SDR; Preliminary Design – PDR; Detailed Design
– CDR; Fabrication, Assembly, and Test – Launch; Operations and Sustainment – Disposal to generate an enhanced ETC. The case study we will present demonstrates how the collaborative system that automatically updates CADRe with real-time contractor-produced EVMS data traditionally used for project management can improve the quality of ETC’s on ongoing projects while, at the same time, providing more current data to improve estimates on other projects.


David Graham
Before coming to NASA in April 03, David R. Graham worked at the Aerospace Corporation for two years supporting the Intelligence Community Cost Analysis Improvement Group (IC CAIG). He began at the Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC), Los Angeles AFB, CA in Jan, 1979. He has held a variety of budget, cost performance, cost estimator, cost-risk and program analyst positions up to the present.
His career has taken him from Los Angeles to Washington DC and back two times, finally settling at NASA Headquarters and living in the Northern Virginia area. His work includes earned value analysis, cost estimating, cost-risk analysis, cost as an independent variable (CAIV), Activity Based Costing, aircraft modification financial analysis and space launch range pricing. Most recently, he is focusing on cost-risk management through an integration of cost estimating and Earned Value Management for improving cost management at NASA. He is a SCEA Certified Cost Estimator and a present SCEA Board Member.

Dan Walkovitz
Dan Walkovitz has been involved with the aerospace/defense industry for fifteen years. As president of Mainstay Software Corporation during that time, he has been responsible for focusing Mainstay Software Corporation’s unique multidimensional analytical database product, MAINSTAY, in various areas within aerospace and defense. Dan has led Mainstay’s development of products and expertise in cost estimating history, parametric estimating, proposal pricing, and risk analysis for the past fifteen years. Dan’s appreciation for the needs of end users has led to the development of a new technology, First AIDE, which Mainstay has been applying to acquisition analysis activities for the past few years.