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Challenges to Integrated Cost and Performance/Effectiveness Analyses

Management & Lessons Learned Track

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M&LL-17 Willstater Paper Integrated Analysis Challenges


The defense acquisition community has made significant investments into enabling simulation of potential military systems early in the concept development phase. Furthermore, additional challenges in acquisition modeling have been imposed due to military requirements migrating from specifying systems to specifying capabilities. As such, analogous pressures have caused perturbations within the cost analysis community, especially to facilitate decision- making on future investments in a budget-constrained environment. Estimating the cost of concepts and/or capabilities requires new ideas and approaches to address accounting for sunk costs, sharing costs across multi- capability systems and multi-theater systems, and time- phasing of costs across limited numbers of assets. This presentation provides practical examples to address these issue(s).


Kurt Willstatter
Mr. Willstatter has over twenty three years of operational and professional hands- on experience in using and integrating C4I systems and modeling/assessing their capabilities. He has fourteen years of experience conducting and managing projects associated with designing, analyzing and evaluating the requirements and capabilities of advanced technology systems. These include entire systems or selected subsystems of Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Missiles, Ships, Submarines, Electronics [for example, Radar, EW, EO/IR, ECM, sonar, and Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) elements], Satellites, and Ground/Surface Support Equipment and Facilities. For the last five years, Mr. Willstatter has been a key player in developing Life Cycle Cost estimates, cost proposal analysis, and source selection support teams.

Kurt has an MS in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School and a BA in Biology from Texas A&M University. He spent ten years on active duty with the Navy as a surface warfare officer and eleven years as a naval reservist before retiring at the rank of Commander. He is a CCA/CE and has been involved with both SCEA and the Military Operations Research Society (MORS).

In addition to his professional pursuits, Kurt spends considerable time volunteering with a high school crew club which both of his sons have participated in and refereeing swim meets in the summer. His true passion however, is downhill skiing and if he can’t be reached after a snow storm hits the mid-Atlantic, it is a sure bet he’s on the slopes.

Andy Campbell
Mr. Campbell has over four years of experience in the areas of cost modeling and effectiveness modeling, integrating the two to support rational acquisition decisions. Work experience includes research for and development of cost models, budget development, tracking status of various programs, cost proposal analysis, strategic planning, and direct involvement in program reviews.

Andy has a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Economics from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Operations Research, having completed 20% of the course requirements thus far. He is a Certified Cost Estimator and has been involved with both SCEA and the Military Operations Research Society (MORS).

In addition to his professional pursuits, Andy spends considerable time going on runs, playing tennis, and enjoying other outdoor activities with his beautiful wife Carla.