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Pioneers of Parametrics

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This paper provides a historical account of the development of the field of Parametrics through information obtained during interviews with twelve pioneers of the field. Cost model developers, users, and practitioners were interviewed with the intent to capture their views on the impact between cost estimation research and practice. The individuals interviewed represent a diverse range of perspectives including academia, government, and industry. Each perspective sheds light on the areas in which the field of Parametrics has had an impact and which synergies have been influential in the development of the field. The implications of the findings are discussed in light of the future challenges for the field of Parametrics.


Ricardo Valerdi
Ricardo Valerdi is a Research Associate at the Lean Aerospace Initiative at MIT and a Lecturer in the Engineering Systems Division. He is a Visiting Associate at the Center for Systems and Software Engineering at USC and a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Aerospace Corporation in the Economic & Market Analysis Center.
Formerly he worked as a Systems Engineer at Motorola and at General Instrument Corporation. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of San Diego, MS and PhD from USC, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Psychology at Harvard University.