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An Analysis of the Economic Impact for Airlines at LGA from a Tower Modernization Alternative that Closes Gates

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This paper examines the economic impact on airlines due to delay should the airport lose gates. This paper will describe the techniques and data used to develop the inputs for a queuing model of LaGuardia airport. The results of the analysis allowed us to estimate the economic impacts to the airlines.
This, combined with the estimated costs, helped the FAA in making a decision on a new tower with no loss of gates versus upgrading the existing tower.


Marc Rose
Marc is a Technical Leader with MCR, LLC and is the manager of the Operations Research branch of the SETA-II contract, providing supporting to the FAA. He has over 20 years of varied experience, including support for DoD and DoE, as well as the FAA.

In his role supporting the FAA, Marc has performed numerous Cost-Benefits analyses, provided detailed data analysis, developed the benefits for many FAA projects, and presented many papers at all levels of the FAA. Among other achievements, he developed the standards for applying risk to Return-On- Investment calculations, and provided a methodology for allocation of costs/benefits from the totals to the component costs/benefits.

Marc has degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics. He is a member of INFORMS and SCEA and is a SCEA Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst.